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Blond that looks "expensive": 5 rules for perfect coloring
Blond that looks "expensive": 5 rules for perfect coloring

The main problem of all blonde girls is the need to constantly update the color, traumatizing the hair. In addition, yellowness appears soon after staining, which everyone is trying to avoid. We decided to ask the stylist Ksenia Izumrud how to make the blond look great and does not require constant correction.

Xenia Emerald

Ksenia Izumrud Creative partner of La Biosthetique, owner of hair boutique Ksenia Izumrud

1. Make a shatush

A dense monochromatic blond is not suitable for many girls: it creates a noticeable "wig effect" and after 3 weeks requires correction at the roots. Plus, the straight line between bleached and natural hair always looks messy.

Nowadays, shatush and balayazh are in vogue - techniques that will allow you to be a blonde, but at the same time not to tint the roots every two weeks, injuring your hair.


2. Soft transition between natural roots and colored hair

In order not to constantly update the color, it is important to do the correct staining once. If you have dark hair, first you need to lighten it, receding from the roots. The key task of the colorist is to create a soft and harmonious transition between your natural roots and colored hair. In fashion - the effect of glare and hair, as if burnt out in the sun. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to achieve such a result at home - it is better not to try. Find a proven master who will do the first one perfectly, but how the color will look in the future depends on you.

3. Do express toning

Express toning is a salon procedure that allows you to maintain color. A composition is applied to the hair, which must be held for literally 1-5 minutes. This allows you to remove yellowness, to give the hair the desired shade. And most importantly, express toning is safe for your hair: unlike the classic full coloring, it does not injure the hair, on the contrary, it makes it shinier and more "filled".


4. My head is out of necessity, not every day

If you want the coloring to last really long, then try not to wash your hair every day just for the sake of styling. Do this only when necessary!

5. Use a toning shampoo

In professional cosmetics stores, there are many tinted shampoos for blondes. For example, with a blue pigment - against yellowness, or warm shades - caramel, honey … You don't need to use such a shampoo every time, but only every third shampoo. Also use toning hair masks - once a week, not more often.

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