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15 unusual new summer fragrances that smell like vacation and happiness
15 unusual new summer fragrances that smell like vacation and happiness

Keeping in memory the long-awaited moments of vacation, we remember not only stunning sunsets, birdsong and the splash of the surf, but also smells: light, spicy, new and loved, fresh and hot, the smell of hot stones and sea breeze … These perfumes will help you remember the summer time whole year! And we can bet you haven't heard of them yet!

15 unusual new summer fragrances that smell like vacation and happiness

Marble fruit boy smells


After launching its main collection of exquisite fragrances this spring, Boy Smells returns with a second edition of the fragrance. Marble Fruits smells unexpectedly, like all the creations of the brand, because its concept is to take two discordant ideas and create perfect harmony between them.

The aroma is revealed by pear, pink pepper, nectarine and cinnamon. The heart of the fragrance is very floral: rose, magnolia, jasmine and freesia. And the secret of the trail is in a warm woody base that includes cedar, amber, musk, sandalwood and cashmeran. Despite the fruity-floral base, the smell is very persistent, although it changes during the day, becoming more spicy and passionate in the evening.

Open Sky, Byredo


Last fall, Byredo released Mixed Emotions, a fragrance inspired by the strange feelings we experienced during our forced isolation. The situation is changing, the world has begun to open up again.

The fragrance is inspired by travel and a sense of new possibilities. It opens with a bright, pungent note of pomelo and tart citrus notes combined with black pepper to add depth. The heart of the scent is hemp leaves, and the trail is full of bright vetiver.

It is a very lively fragrance. After being locked up for more than a year, the sound of freedom, space and renewal is heard in it.

Bo, Liis


Founded by two best friends with years of experience in the beauty industry, Liis has been a little hidden from prying eyes until now. It smells of woody vanilla (which is not innovative), but it is set off by bitter resin and tobacco. In the middle is mahogany and incense. And in the trail - and this is really unexpected - again vanilla.

The fragrance does not fade after just a few hours, as is the case with most perfumes that are marketed as summer and light. It is a real delight to wear it all day, it is tropical and oriental at the same time, spicy and pungent, like spices from Asia, like the sun of the desert.

Vacation by Poolside FM


Everyone loves the smell of the sun, although, of course, it has no smell. Everyone imagines something different: for some it is the sea, for others - a coconut, for others - hot vanilla. This fragrance is rightfully called "Vacation". Rodrigo Flores-Roux, the author of the composition, is the nose of some of the most iconic fragrances of all time, including Happy by Clinique, Black Cashmire by Donna Karan, Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. He is a living legend and an absolute genius.

About his creation, he says: “I created a cheerful scent with familiar notes of coconut, banana, pineapple and orange blossom, as well as notes of cool water. I wanted to collect all the notes of summer, sun and relaxation in one bottle, and I succeeded."

A Drop D'Issey, Issey Miyake


Delicate delicate aroma reveals a hint of almond milk. According to the creators, this is another way to embody the idea of ​​almonds in the scent, separating it from the "nutty" note or more drunken amaretto. The heart includes lilacs, jasmine and anise. The base offers a blend of vanilla, cedar, musk and ambroxan. The smell is light, airy, soft-sweet, but not cloying or stuffy.

Daisy Eau So Intense, Marc Jacobs


Chances are you smelled the original Daisy. It is the ultra-successful Marc Jacobs fragrance that has spawned many iterations. The bottles themselves are irresistible. They look like works of art, so it's easy to see why the design has stayed the same. Daisy Eau So Intense is the newest addition to the collection. Instead of an intense white floral scent, as the name suggests, this is a luscious "red" scent that is completely disarming.It opens with strawberries and pears with a heart of honey, rose and jasmine. The base is vanilla, musk and moss. It's a sweet, vibrant scent that resembles warm days in nature, but not overly fruity or intrusive.

On The Beach, Louis Vuitton


Beach fragrances are nothing new in the perfume market, but this one is very different. It is bright, spicy and slightly salty. Using it, you feel as if you are transported directly into the sea water. It opens with a big blast of yuzu, followed by an almost equally vibrant neroli. It is based on pink pepper, thyme, rosemary and cloves. The base is lined with cypress. It is fresh and invigorating, like swimming after a long beach holiday.

Forest Lungs, The Nue Co


The Nue Co. inspired by the Japanese practice of forest bathing, which involves being in nature and feeling the environment with all your senses. This forest bathing has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health, including reducing anxiety and depression. The scent is difficult to describe because it is a scent that most of us are already familiar with. It smells like cedar, pine, maybe a little patchouli and lots of green woody notes. To create it, they used a patented technology to replicate molecules called phytoncides, which are naturally produced by trees and are considered beneficial to health.

Honoré Delights, Ex Nihilo


Honoré Delights is inspired by Paris, in particular the pastry shops along the city streets. It is warm, oily, slightly sweet, and delicious. A dessert-like aroma is somehow created without any of the notes we usually think of, such as vanilla, tonka, or cocoa.

The top notes are bright: bergamot rind and neroli, while the heart is composed of orange blossom, iris and ambrette. The trail is filled with sandalwood, cedar and musk. It's insanely tempting. Warm and hazy in this fragrance, like at the end of the day, when the rays of the golden hour begin to fall on the cobbled streets, while you enjoy a croissant and cappuccino on the terrace of a cafe.

Spicebomb Infrared, Viktor & Rolf


This fragrance is a flanker (which means that the fragrance is a different version of an existing fragrance in order to highlight the other notes of the original Spicebomb). And the habanero red chili move is very good. It is a warm aroma that is suddenly released by hot peppers. The spicy note is accented with red berry oil and tobacco to create an aura of a hot Brazilian night.

Sol de Janeiro SOL Cheirosa '62


It is a warm, sweet blend of salted caramel, pistachios, jasmine and vanilla. It's sweet, but not quite as sweet as it sounds from the notes. One breath of this and you will understand why the fragrance was an instant hit.

Escentric Molecules M + Iris


Today, the term "leather scent" is used to refer to fragrances that are barely perceptible. But the original definition was for the Iso E molecule - a synthetic molecule that smells faintly of light wood and was created to enhance the scent of your skin.

Escentric Molecules has added one more note - mandarin, patchouli and iris. It's a soft, warm, plush scent that smells more like a petal than a flower (if that makes any sense).

MCM Eau de Parfum


It opens with a wonderful combination of apricot and raspberry. The floral heart has notes of peony, violet and jasmine. The base includes vanilla, moss, ambroxan and sandalwood. There is something for everyone. It is fruity, but not overly sweet.

Governor's Island, Bond No. nine


It is a woody scent that is beautifully accentuated by amber and incense. It opens with resin, incense and a sea breeze that simulates a rush of fresh air from the ocean. Then it gives way to ambroxan and cedar and is fixed with vetiver and musk.

Moon Carnival, Vilhelm Parfumerie


This hot, musky floral scent forms a magical blend of passionfruit, freesia and bergamot at the top. It is based on tuberose, gardenia and orchid. Marshmallow, vanilla beans and tonka combine at the base. But the real stars of the fragrance are the floral middle notes - all others just set them off.

It is a moist mixture of flowers, fruits and the soft sweetness of an evening garden after a rain.

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