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Extend your pleasure! What manicure will look good in a month
Extend your pleasure! What manicure will look good in a month

The time after the manicure flies so fast! Often we do not have time to understand how it happened, that we need to go to the salon again. If you are familiar with this problem and you want to spend less money or spend time on the procedure, take a closer look at the design that will prolong the life of your manicure.

Extend your pleasure! What manicure will look good in a month

A manicure made by a master in a beauty salon has long been considered a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity in life for almost every one of us, without which you feel uncomfortable. And here a special thank you to the creator of long-lasting gel polishes, thanks to which hands look well-groomed for many weeks - and at a very reasonable price.

Of course, there is no single deadline after which it is imperative to run to the salon and make a new coating. Someone wears a manicure neatly and can go with it for a whole month. And for some, the nails grow so quickly that after just a couple of weeks the coating looks very stale.

We don't know for sure which type you are, but sometimes each of us needs to go through with a manicure longer than usual. You must admit that you don't always have free time, money, as well as the general desire to sit for about two hours and update your manicure.

If this situation is very close to you, then you should prepare for a future visit to the salon. We offer you to make a choice among such types of manicure, which over time do not strongly contrast with the regrown nail plate and do not seem "expired".

Of course, here we are not talking about just making this or that design and forgetting about your hands for many weeks. Lubricate your cuticles with oil or cream to keep your nails neat and avoid traumatic situations that can harm your nails. We also strongly advise you to do all household chores with gloves so that your skin and nails are not exposed to unnecessary exposure to water and chemicals. So your manicure will remain in its original form even longer!

Pure nude

We just couldn't help but start with a nude palette of nail polishes. They look as gentle and natural as possible, and some even merge with the color of your nail plate and mask the passage of time. The main challenge here is to really preserve the integrity of the coating, so there is less direct exposure to the hands and more oil and cream!

Image Image Image Image Image

Camouflage + lightweight design

If the thought of a manicure in pink and beige tones makes you feel sick, don't rush to immediately abandon this part of the palette. Just plug in a little design - especially if you're going on vacation or a celebration.

Now in a special trend, a minimalistic design made using white, black or another neutral varnish color. We advise you to start drawing a little higher than the base of the nail - and then over time no one will even understand that you have not gone to a manicure for a very long time. By the way, if the base is not a glossy, but a matte camouflage base, the grown nails next to the coating will look even more invisible. In fact, this rule applies to all types of manicure that we write about in this material.

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"Naked" manicure

Nothing vulgar:) This is just the name of a design made on a clean nail or an almost transparent base. And there is where to roam! You can do something minimalistic like dots or stripes on your nails, or you can even swing at gold. Very trendy and instagram!

Image Image Image Image Image

French manicure, and not necessarily white

Here again, you will benefit from the nude coating of the main part of the nail. What pleases me is that French manicure is back in fashion - even the stars are doing it for going out on the red carpet.

Do not dwell solely on the white color of the upper part of the nail. You can paint it neon or any other juicy shade. And if you don't want to keep the length, do an even more trendy "micro" -French manicure.The thinnest bright stripe looks very unusual and cool!

Image Image Image Image Image

Manicure with holes

This manicure was at the top almost 10 years ago, but now it is triumphantly returning to trends again. Ask the master to leave the so-called hole unpainted - the oval part at the base of your nail. The increase in length will only benefit such a design: with it, it will seem unusual, but at the same time very appropriate and elegant. By the way, you can not paint over not only the hole, but also the more impressive part of the nail, or give the color on this part of the plate a more interesting shape. Of course, this kind of design will take longer than a regular finish. But it's definitely worth it!

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