Tatyana Kotova "Miss Russia 2006": "Beauty is a subjective concept!"
Tatyana Kotova "Miss Russia 2006": "Beauty is a subjective concept!"

In December 2006 in Moscow, in Gostiny Dvor, the contest "Miss Russia 2006" was held. Beauties from different cities of our vast homeland fought for the honorary title …

Tatyana Kotova "Miss Russia 2006": "Beauty is a subjective concept!"
Tatyana Kotova "Miss Russia 2006": "Beauty is a subjective concept!"

In December 2006 in Moscow, in Gostiny Dvor, a competition was held Miss Russia 2006 … Beauties from different cities of our vast homeland fought for the honorary title, as a result, the title was received by a 21-year-old Rostovite Tatyana Kotova. In December of this year, the first beauty of our country will represent Russia at the Miss World pageant, which will be held in China. On the eve of this event, we spoke with Tatiana Kotova.

- At first, I became the winner of a beauty contest in Rostov, and then I represented my hometown in Moscow at an all-Russian contest. In principle, since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a participant in a beauty contest. I watched on TV how girls from different cities participate in such contests, then one of them becomes the winner, they put a crown on her head. I was very impressed by such shows, and at the moment of the victory of the beauties, I myself could hardly hold back my tears. Mom said: "Tanya, you should also take part when you grow up." And so it happened. First, a friend invited me to participate in a small show. The show was televised and I got noticed. Then, however, I had to finish modeling school. We were taught to walk correctly, to stay on stage and so on. In 2006 she became the winner of the Miss Rostov contest, and later - Miss Russia. Girls from different cities came to this competition. We all lived together in a boarding house for about three weeks. At first it seemed that it was a very long time, and then, during the lessons and trainings, the time flew by very imperceptibly.

Were you friends with girls or were you communicating like competitors?

- Since we were forced to live side by side, we communicated normally with each other. No, you, of course, notice that someone, figuratively speaking, has more beautiful eyes or thicker eyelashes. The main thing here is to feel self-confidence. And in general, beauty is a subjective concept. There are many beautiful people, and you need to choose one girl as the winner, so you just need to radiate confidence.

What was the most difficult thing during the preparation for the competition?

- Oh, I was most worried about the fashion show. It was necessary to walk beautifully across the stage, and when you are worried, it is very difficult to do it. It was easy already during the competition, when you go and know that everything will be over now.

When it was over and you were called Miss Russia, how did you feel?

- I did not even immediately understand that it happened. Viewers voted by pressing buttons on the remote control, and the results were immediately displayed on huge screens. I remember at first the zero mark above my last name, and then the chart shot up sharply to 54 percent. And then I realized that this was a victory. As in childhood, when I watched competitions on TV and was happy for other people's victories, tears of happiness flowed down my cheeks. I felt that the most important goal in my life at that moment had been achieved.

Tatyana, what responsibilities does the competition impose on the most beautiful girl in Russia?

- You need to appear at various cultural events, do charity work, and, of course, participate in international beauty contests. It is also a great responsibility. When you are, in fact, the face of a country, you have to live up to this title all the time, always look great.

As a repeated participant in various beauty contests, tell me, is there anything different in terms of organizing Russian beauty contests from international ones?

- Girls whose appearance was not embellished in any way by a plastic surgeon was allowed to participate in Miss Russia, specialists carefully monitored this. And in "Miss Universe" one could participate, even if some details of the appearance were improved with the help of plastic surgery.

Now you have to represent Russia again at the Miss World pageant. How are you preparing?

- The competition will take place in December in China, so already a month before its start, i.e. I should be there in November. As usual, there is a lot of work to be done.

Share your beauty recipes with our readers? How do you take care of yourself?

- I don't sit on any special diets, of course, I get upset if a couple of extra pounds appear, but everything is corrected with the help of sports activities. Now I do yoga, and also swim, do fitness. In general, I can't live without sports, and it's not even the main thing to keep in shape. It's just that physical exercises give some kind of charge, allow you to always be in good shape. And I also like to drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice, orange, for example, in the morning.

Do you have an ideal of female beauty?

- Oh, yes, there are a lot of them! (laughs). Well, the most perfect among the dark-haired beauties, I think Monica Bellucci. If you choose among blondes, then my standard of beauty is Sharon Stone. In general, beauty is not only physical perfection. Only a rich inner world, coupled with external attractiveness, makes a woman truly beautiful.

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