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Irina Muravyova: two falls of one star
Irina Muravyova: two falls of one star

The truly great actress, still in demand, has a happy family history with one beloved husband and two wonderful sons. But in her professional life, she has enough adventures.

Irina Muravyova: two falls of one star
Irina Muravyova: two falls of one star

Irina Muravyova's father was a military engineer. During the Great Patriotic War, he participated in the liberation of Europe, where he found his destiny - a Belarusian girl, hijacked by the Germans to work in Germany. Having entered into a marriage, the newlyweds settled in Moscow, and a year and a half later, in 1949, their daughter Ira was born.

The military dad instilled discipline in the family. He forbade children to go out late, rarely and only as rewards were allowed to go to the cinema.

Irin's dad also strictly watched that her smaller daughter walked with the boys. But, carried away by creativity and social work at school, Irina did not even think about dating.

The girl really liked to play "school". She quickly found a common language with the children and even thought about becoming a teacher. But in parallel with this, Irina was carried away by classes in the school theater studio. When the world of dramatic art began to open up before her, there was no doubt: it was necessary to act "for an artist"!

The goal is achieved


Who would have thought that in the early 80s Irina Muravyova would once again play her own story at Carnival! But then, after graduating from school, the future star submitted documents to all Moscow theater universities at once. And all at once … failed!

The admissions office of "Pike" generally said that it would be better for her to give up trying to become an actress, and take up another profession.

But the true daughter of a military man, stubborn and persistent Irina, postponed her victory for a year, and while she was doing different work.

A year later, history repeated itself. In order not to give up her dream, she had to take the path of least resistance. Irina went to the drama studio at the Central Children's Theater. And only after graduating from it, gaining experience, Muravyova entered the correspondence department at GITIS, remaining to work at the Central Children's Theater, where she played animals and boys.

But if her theatrical fate did not work out in any way, then they nevertheless began to invite her to the cinema.

Becoming a film star


In 1974, the movie "A Purely English Murder" was released, in which Muravyova played one of the first big roles. After the premiere, the actress was noticed by filmmakers and from time to time began to invite her to their films.

When Vladimir Menshov accidentally met the energetic and lively Muravyova at a performance, he immediately saw in her the very same Lyudmila from the legendary "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears."

Prior to that, the director was going to give the role of Anastasia Vertinskaya or Zhanna Bolotova, but both read the script and decided that it was untenable. And Muravyova agreed.

In one of her interviews Vera Alentova will tell: “Muravyova was then already a star, firstly, of the Mossovet Theater, and, secondly, she had experience in cinema. Colleagues on the set expected to see the arrogant diva, but instead a thin and modest girl came. The team quickly rallied and showed such work on the set that the film, in which no one believed, eventually won an Oscar.

It is easy to guess that after this Muravyova woke up famous. She herself still dislikes her heroine Lyudmila, calling her an uncouth vulgar rude woman, and is very upset when she is associated with this character.

The next starring role - in "Carnival" - the actress was offered when she was already 32 years old. "How am I going to play a schoolgirl?" - thought Irina. And she played amazingly.

For filming, she had to learn to skate skillfully. To bring the actress back to life after intense and painful workouts, a personal massage therapist was even hired for her.

After the premiere, Muravyova lost heart: she wanted scale and depth, and they continued to invite her to the roles of provincial women. When the director of "The Most Charming and Attractive" Gerald Bezhanov enthusiastically brought Irina a script written for her, she refused.

The entire film crew began the "siege" of the actress. They followed her on her heels, kept watch at the entrance, met and saw off from the theater and persuaded, persuaded … Muravyova could not stand such pressure. The country received a brilliant film again.

Main director


But the main director of her life worked with Muravyova in the children's theater - this is Leonid Eidlin. He did not necessarily strive to make a star out of Ira. He just fell in love with a charming blue-eyed girl and wanted to connect life with her. Almost immediately after her release from the studio, he asked for Muravyova's hand, and she agreed.

A happy marriage will last almost forty years. Refined and delicate Muravyova will become a real keeper of the hearth. Perfect order always reigns in her house, her two sons are surrounded by care. She did not want to go the same way as other theatrical families. Irina Vadimovna still tried to separate professional and family life, so the boys rarely visited the backstage world of the theater. Unless they came to admire my mother from the auditorium.

Eidlin did not direct the actress. He worked a lot with children, and was also involved in staging such films as "Lenin in Paris", "Siberiade", "This woman in the window." Perhaps the only work in which the couple was involved together was the short series Happy New Happiness. By the way, both of their sons played episodic roles in the series.

Still calling


Unfortunately, tragedy put an end to the long and strong alliance. In 2014, Eidlin suffered a stroke. After a short time, he died.

Irina Vadimovna was very upset by the death of her husband. The support of the sons helped to get out of depression. Two months after the death of her beloved spouse, the actress found the strength to even step onto the carpet of one of the film festivals and gave a short interview in which she admitted: her name.

She is still invited to act in films, but Irina Vadimovna does not yet see deep roles, complex characters that she would like to “live”. Unless she starred in the somewhat comical role of the mother of the main character in the TV series “Don't Be Born Beautiful” - because the keeper of the hearth and the real mother is close to her in spirit.

Now Muravyova spends most of her time at the Maly Theater, where she plays in several performances at once, because thanks to her talent, she can play absolutely any role.

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