Snezhana Samokhina will play the role of wayward volleyball player Diana in the TV series "Dyldy"
Snezhana Samokhina will play the role of wayward volleyball player Diana in the TV series "Dyldy"

On March 1 at 19:00 on the STS TV channel the continuation of the comedy hit "Dyldy" starts, in which coach Mikhail Kovalev (Pavel Derevyanko) is responsible for dynamic volleyball and daring actions. In the second season, the characters of Daria Ursulyak, Anna Nevskaya, Pavel Maikov, as well as new heroes performed by Artyom Tkachenko, Anatoly Kot and Snezhana Samokhina, are forced to endure his unbearable character.


Snezhana Samokhina will play the role of wayward volleyball player Diana in the 2nd season of the comedy "Dyldy" on STS TV channel … To get into the project, Snezhana hired a coach and after the next lesson she shot a video of her game, which finally convinced the producers.

Especially for Cosmo, Snezhana shared her impressions of preparing for a new big role, working on the filming of the second season of the Dyldy project and her sports hobbies, talked about the role of a first-grader's mother, as well as what must be in her cosmetic bag.

Snezhana, the role of the volleyball player Diana in the STS TV series "Dyldy" is your first big role. How did the audition go? Surely you were worried?

Samples became a small life at three months. I approached the question very seriously. I prepared a lot the day before, practically did not sleep. You might think now that I was rehearsing all night, but no. I watched the entire first season. Disconnected for two hours, woke up broken, on the way to audition I phoned my friend Dima Karanevsky, who plays in Dyldy. And he says to me: "Listen, I told everyone that you will worry, but that you are cool, let them take a closer look." These words knocked down all my confidence and onslaught, because something was already expected of me. But I gathered all my will into a fist and bravely defended the samples. Honestly, I almost fainted afterwards, because, of course, I forgot to eat.

Was it only the first stage?

Yes, after a while I was invited to pair auditions. I went to them with the full feeling that this was my role. I did a great job, and in the end I was waiting for the third stage with Pasha Derevianko. And I failed these tests. It's hard for me to describe how I felt at that moment. I was sad, engaged in self-flagellation, and then decided that until I did everything that depended on me, I would not calm down. I had nothing to lose. I wrote a heartbreaking message to Pasha and invited him to rewrite the samples. He responded, but due to quarantine, we could not do it. Every day I woke up and fell asleep thinking about the project. I started to actively go in for sports and suddenly it dawned on me: I need to do volleyball. Together with the trainer, I started classes. After some time, I sent the producers a video of how I play. And only then I realized: I did everything I could. And she calmed down. There were many people on my side who put all the pieces into one puzzle. And we did it: I was approved. When they called me, I jumped a somersault for joy.

Earlier you spoke about Dmitry Karanevsky. How long have you known each other? Did it help you in your work?

We have been friends with Dima for several years. And it was friendship at first sight. From the very first day, we communicated as if we had known each other all our lives. I remember one day, when I only dreamed of becoming an actress, Dima wrote down a business card for the casting director and filmed me, saying: "Look, what a friend I have." In the end, I was called to audition, but he was not. But I am very glad that there was a close person in my first big project. Sometimes I came to him and whined when something didn't work out for me. And when he got tired, he found the right words. It is difficult to always be strong, and it is very great that there is a person with whom you can be weak and feel strength in it.

Your heroine seems like a cocky, wayward girl who is on her own. What in Diana was initially catchy and what caused bewilderment?

Honestly, there were a lot of questions for Diana until I read the script to the end. I won't spoil it, but I think the viewer will have a similar feeling until a key scene happens that explains everything. In general, life has clearly shown: the harder a person's armor, the softer he is inside.

You began to prepare for the role of a volleyball player during the trial phase. Was volleyball before in your life?

All my life I have been preparing myself for the role of a volleyball player. At one time she was a very active child, she loved sports. And from the first to the fourth grade she was engaged in volleyball. And when my coach died, I switched to basketball and still continued to participate in all school volleyball competitions.

Can you tell us more about your training sessions before filming?

As I said, during the quarantine, I hired a coach to remember, because I hadn’t held the ball in my hands for the last ten years. But, oddly enough, the hands remember a lot. And I got great pleasure in training. Since all the courts were closed due to quarantine, we trained outside the city, set a blow, a proper run. Then training began with the on-screen team, and I managed to stretch my groin area. I, of course, pretended that nothing hurts me, but the coach Elena Mikhailovna cannot be fooled. She sent me to be treated, and that was the end of my studies. I had physical therapy for two weeks, and by the beginning of the filming of the volleyball block, everything was completely restored. I would like to continue training and I know that our girls want it too.

What kinds of sports are you still interested in and why?

As a child, I was involved in almost all kinds of sports, but only sports tourism and boxing went into adulthood with me. I cannot imagine my life without mountains, tents and a guitar by the fire. I am a fan of nature and this is the only way to really relax. Every year I try to get out of the city closer to nature. There are already many interesting trips in my piggy bank. I was on an expedition to Antarctica, walked 900 kilometers along the Way of St. James, conquered Kilimanjaro and Elbrus, traveled alone in Norway with a backpack and a tent, visited Baikal twice, Kamchatka and many other places on our amazing planet. And where I have not yet been, I will definitely visit.

And if we talk about sports hobbies near home?

I have come to love Pilates and stretching, which soothe my hectic mind. And I really want to go to dances: to finally learn how to repeat several movements at the same time. In this, of course, boxing helps a lot, but I need it to get rid of extra pounds and suppressed aggression.

Some actresses of the STS series noted that they did not immediately find a common language. Is it easy for you to work in a female team?

I am a very sociable person and I cannot find common language only with the dead. Or with people who are unpleasant to me. But with them I don't even try to find it. This rarely happens, and there were no such people in our project. And the women's team is, however, always difficult.

What internal resources did the project require from you?

Honestly, I left everything on the show. It was really hard for me. For the first month I only managed to work and sleep, and of course to reflect. It all ended with a nervous breakdown. In the penultimate change of strength, they left me. I don't even remember how it went. I had three scenes, and then I wandered around the site for a long time, somehow left home and slept for nineteen hours. And only a week later I felt the inner resource. My new quest is to learn how to manage your resources. Now I exhaled, inhaled and began to take care of myself. When the shooting of another project started, I decided that I would try to fill myself with something. I meditated, watched good movies and read books.

How did you become after filming Dyld?

I changed my attitude towards myself. It turns out that not everything depends only on us. I learned to let go of the situation and enjoy what I do. Pasha Derevyanko also taught me a lot, prompting and explaining seemingly very simple things, but not obvious ones. I am grateful to him for that.

Another event in your fall - you recently became the mother of a first grader. Has your life changed with the advent of the school?

My life changed eight years ago when my son was born. And the rest comes and goes, so I am not too sentimental about such events. I saw how worried he was, and tried to silently support him. And on the first of September he shared: "I'll tell you a secret, I didn't like it." This was expected, I also did not like it at the time. I told him that the first of September is once a year, that it is a bundle of nerves and experiences, and then it will be different. He understood everything, and we decided to give this institution a chance.

Have parental chats appeared in your life?

I try not to enter the chat: there is a lot of unnecessary information. The ex-spouse tells me all the most important or the class teacher throws off in private messages. In general, chats are a separate pain for me. But I really like that they call me Snezhana Sergeevna. This is some kind of new sensation that brings a smile.

What sciences are of interest to your son now? And have you infected him with a passion for sports?

Artyom is a very versatile boy: he plays the piano, even composes music himself, loves board games, dance, draw, read books. Recently dad beaten chess. Also wants to do programming. But he breathes evenly for sports. After the World Cup, he played football for a year and a half, then he became uninteresting. All summer I swam and ran with my dad, but without fire in my eyes. I think that he himself will come to this. Or not. In any case, this is his choice. He has an example before his eyes, so let him decide.

How is your typical day off? Do you like a lazy rest with a book on the couch, or is it necessarily an active day?

Differently. If I have worked for a long time, then all I want is to lie down and read, watch a movie. If I am full, I can run like a "turbine" and do a lot of things, and then also meet the dawn.

What recent purchase were you particularly excited about? And in general, can you call yourself a fan of shopping?

I'm not a fan of shopping from the word "not at all." I cannot be forced to go shopping. My only weakness is my shoes. Again, if I see something somewhere, I go to purposefully buy it. Mom laughs, says: "Snezhana comes home, takes off his pants, sleeps, wakes up in the morning, jumps into the same pants and runs somewhere." This is approximately what happens. Most of the time I wear comfortable clothes, not bothering how and with what it is combined. I just put on what is comfortable. I am often asked how my style was born. Apparently out of comfort.

In quarantine, many took care of the wardrobe, got rid of the excess. Does this sound familiar to you?

I've recently been sorting things out. It turns out that I have a lot of them, but I don’t wear most of them, I don’t even remember how I got them. And I seriously thought about what we are used to consuming endlessly - things, food, people. I would like to stop being a hostage to the world of consumption and reach a more advanced level of awareness. I decided to make a sale and send money to those in need. Perhaps this will be a leap into a new reality.

And what is always in your cosmetic bag, which you cannot do without? And what helps to save skin and hair after heavy makeup and styling?

In everyday life, I practically do not make up. Just tone and eyebrows. But I have a lot of different things for my hair. I remember how ten years ago, when asked why I cut my hair so short, I answered: “I just don't want to bother with my hair. I washed it and went. " It's funny now, because now every day I have a whole ritual: I wash my hair first with one shampoo, then with the second, make a mask, rub a hair growth potion into my head, apply one remedy, the second, a special cream on top. For my face, I also have many different masks, but only sleep and massage really save the skin.

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