Vika Odintsova: "I am a real romantic and dreamer to the core"
Vika Odintsova: "I am a real romantic and dreamer to the core"

Vika Odintsova told Cosmopolitan about her modeling career, support in life, and how she copes with haters.

Vika Odintsova: "I am a real romantic and dreamer to the core"
Vika Odintsova: "I am a real romantic and dreamer to the core"

How did your modeling career begin?

At the age of 17 I entered the university and at the same time my older brother suggested that I go to a model school. He actually led me there by the hand. Actually, this was the starting point, but I treated it more as a hobby. Only a couple of years later, I seriously thought about a modeling career.

Is there something you regret in your life?

I try not to regret anything. Everything in life is given for something, and I try to learn from every unpleasant story: it makes me stronger and wiser.


Who is the support and support in your life?

My support and support are my friends. Those people who are always nearby and replace my family here, in Moscow, since my relatives live far away. I try to see my family whenever possible, but due to my busy schedule, I don't get it as often as I would like.

Can you say that your dreams have come true?

I am a true romantic and dreamer to the core. Most often, all my desires come true, and I try to work to ensure that my goals and dreams come true. I'm just at the very beginning of my journey, and my list of desires is colossal. Last New Year, I made a wish to appear on all billboards in the world. My dream came true, and in 2019 I became the face of the international advertising campaign for the Guess brand.

Do you communicate with subscribers, go to their pages?

I really appreciate the attention to myself and respect my followers. I go through Direct and always read the comments. I am interested in what my subscribers think, and very often I answer them. I rarely go to the pages, because the comment should really surprise me or interest me so that I go over.

How do you react to haters?

Vulnerability and sentimentality - these words completely describe me, but after some time I learned to regulate my emotions and dose the information that passes through the heart. I used to be very worried when I saw bad comments or learned about conversations behind my back. I cried and was upset, but now everything is different. I realized that those people who write all this are very unhappy, and I can only regret them.


How do you keep yourself in shape?

Sport is an integral part of my life, and without it I would not look like this. I have never been fat, as I have always led an active lifestyle. During her school years she was engaged in choreography, later - in fitness, and by now she has already tried almost all types of sports loads. So, now I am happy to alternate my workouts: boxing, tennis, dancing, barre, etc.

How do you feel about body positivity?

A positive attitude towards your body cannot cause conflicting feelings. It's amazing that women have begun to love and accept themselves more. But I'm never going to say that you just have to sit at home on the couch, eat cheesecake and take it as normal. In my opinion, self-love should be expressed in taking care of yourself, your health and appearance.

What is your favorite photo shoot?

I remember all my photo sessions and indeed, each of them evokes certain emotions and memories. Probably the brightest and most emotional was the shooting in the show with the top models VS Adriana Lima, Isabelle Gular and Isabeli Fontana. At that moment, I felt incredible inspiration, and it literally took my breath away from emotions.

What are your future plans?

I have a lot of plans, and I hope that I will be able to carry out all of them. This fall, my book will be published, in which I will show myself from a completely different side. I also plan to launch my own brand of lingerie, and besides all this, I would like to act in films. In general, as I said, I am a big dreamer!

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