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How hot it is! 10 health-related causes of fever
How hot it is! 10 health-related causes of fever

Something has become hot … Or is it just you feeling it? If you constantly feel the urge to turn off the batteries or sit by the ventilator when it's cold outside, you might think early menopause has begun. This is most likely not the case. Here are some more reasons for resetting the internal thermometer.

How hot it is! 10 health-related causes of fever
How hot it is! 10 health-related causes of fever

1. Prediabetes

If sweating worsens at night and you can no longer tolerate heat, your body may not be able to cope with normalizing blood sugar levels. This means that insulin resistance develops and prediabetes is likely.

2. Thyroid problems

If it works too hard, your metabolism accelerates and you get hot. Other symptoms - weight change, fatigue, rapid heartbeat - indicate a decrease in thyroid function, and this is a reason to visit an endocrinologist.

3. Stress or anxiety

These conditions also cause heat intolerance due to the release of adrenaline. It is helpful to do breathing exercises, walk, or meditate.

4. Pregnancy

During ovulation, the body temperature may rise slightly, as during pregnancy. About 30% of pregnant women talk about the moments when it gets hot.

5. Caffeine

Some people cannot exist without coffee, but its constant use leads, among other things, to a feeling of overheating. In addition, caffeine raises the heart rate.

6. Spicy dishes

Too hot sauce "sets fire" the mouth and forces the body to resist the problem. Blood flow is increased to bring more blood to the affected area - tongue, throat, palate, and you feel hot.

7. Medicines

Certain medications for diabetes, depression, and pain can cause hot flashes as a side effect.

8. Illness

Not only viral infections with fever can have this effect, but also, for example, stomach problems or skin rashes.

9. Alcohol

It disperses the blood through the body and becomes as if warmer. The second peak is after a few hours, when the liver removes alcohol breakdown products.

10. Smoking

Like alcohol, the nicotine in cigarettes has a short-term effect on the functioning of the body. And it can also create the effect of increased temperature. The more a person smokes, the higher the chances of encountering an unpleasant symptom.

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