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Don't waste your money: 10 New Year's gifts that no one needs
Don't waste your money: 10 New Year's gifts that no one needs

Every year the same thing: everyone hopes for a real holiday, and everyone's mood gets spoiled when they are presented with another souvenir in the form of a symbol of the year. Now we'll tell you how not to turn into an evil Snow Maiden.

Don't waste your money: 10 New Year'sts that no one needs
Don't waste your money: 10 New Year'sts that no one needs


A pointless and merciless waste of paper: firstly, the calendar is not needed, because it is in the phone. Secondly, those who need a wall calendar buy themselves the one that, according to their taste, is beautiful or convenient. Thirdly, the calendar has already been presented to you anyway. And, fourthly, the best way to turn any interior into a parody of the city polyclinic registry is to hang a calendar with the symbol of the year. In general, do not give it.

Beautiful but tasteless New Year's sweets

A sweet gift is a convenient thing: it is inexpensive, it will come in handy anyway, and it seems like you didn’t come empty-handed. And even those who do not like sweets usually resign themselves to such a gift: well, there are sweets for themselves, they do not ask for food, it will be possible to serve for tea, all the same, all the holidays are endless guests. All this is true, of course, when it comes to a box of chocolates. But special New Year's gifts - painted cookies, gingerbread houses, sweet Christmas tree decorations - are usually expensive and inedible. Do not give them if you do not want a piece of the gift to be pinched off, grimaced and thrown into the trash.

Cosmetics and hygiene products

About "Hedgehog, you should have washed!" only the lazy one wasn’t joking, yes. Well, and besides, there is nothing easier than not guessing with the smell, type of product or shade, if we are talking about the decorative cosmetics that you give your friend. If you really want to, it's better to give a certificate to the store.


Belts, wallets, gloves (and socks for a sweetheart, yes, yes) are very strange gifts: on the one hand, things seem to be useful, on the other, nothing shouts so loudly for you: “How can I know what to give you? ! " This is the first thing. And second: there is nothing easier than not guessing again, and throwing out an inappropriate accessory is much more difficult than a tasteless gingerbread: something useful! Let it lie down. Irritating!

DIY gifts

Before the New Year, any online publication publishes articles and master classes on the topic "How to make a cool gift with your own hands." Do you know what for? In order to entertain you, and not at all so that you really yourself began to sculpt a gift from just about anything. If you are not a handmade craftswoman and do not make a living by selling your products, such a gift is not your story. No, really: to knit a cool hat for someone - yes, it's great if knitting is your long-term hobby (okay, if not a profession). In other cases, leave the option “do-it-yourself gift” for preschool and primary school children.

Christmas gifts

Yes, those same symbols of the year, as well as Christmas tree decorations (an exception is a gift to a collector of Christmas tree decorations, but then the toy should be rare, unusual or antique, Chinese stamping will not work), candles, snow balls and plates painted with winter landscapes. The value in all this is exactly zero, and gratitude to the giver will be at the same level.

Funny gifts

It is not a fact that you were born in those years when funny gifts were really valuable: the last time this happened was in 1995, when shops with such souvenirs had just opened. However, even then they could please mainly children. And keep in mind: only souvenirs with Yevgeny Vaganovich's jokes immortalized on them can be worse than men's cowards in the shape of an elephant. Throw byaku!

Things useful in everyday life

Exceptions to this rule: you give a gift after checking the wish list; you give a gift to a very close person, knowing for sure that he will be glad to him. In other cases, you just multiply the amount of trash in someone else's apartment. No, really: the next time you find yourself in a household goods store, try to hold in your hand a "not your" conventional frying pan - the most uncomfortable, in your opinion. And imagine that each of your morning eggs starts with a thing that annoys you. Introduced? Now imagine a person who is able to accurately guess which of the pans on the countless shelves is exactly "yours." Do you dare?

Home accessories

And again, you won’t guess: the vase will not fit into the interior, the glasses will match red wine, and the owners of the house only drink brut (and they didn’t tell you about this), you will want to throw darts into the picture, so it will not coincide with their sense of beauty. Just don’t. And no photo frames!

A gift that will disappoint expectations

The world's worst gift. If a bright thought suddenly comes to your head, “I’ll make a surprise!”, It’s better to throw it away right away. Or, as a last resort, add a surprise to the main gift. True, there is a nuance here: firstly, you must be told that this particular gift is expected, and secondly, you must have the opportunity to purchase it. In general, if someone is expecting a new iPhone from you, and you only have money for a chocolate bar, these are not disappointed expectations. But if suddenly you promised someone a live kitten, and you are going to present a Lego set, this will be the worst gift in the world. It is better to donate the rest of the list in bulk, but a kitten is a must!

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