Beauty-results of the week: stars are true to their style
Beauty-results of the week: stars are true to their style

The past week has once again confirmed that the stars, experiencing the sharpest beauty trends, even in this case, do not change their style - those who do not have a craving for experimentation choose classic looks.

Beauty-results of the week: stars are true to their style
Beauty-results of the week: stars are true to their style

Sienna got such an ultra-fashionable (albeit simple) haircut like a bob back in the summer, but only now, while the American Sniper film with her participation is being premiered in different cities of the world, the actress has the opportunity to show her hair in all its glory. She divides her hair into a fashionable side parting, twists it slightly and immediately, in such an easy way, gets an elegant evening styling - the bob is very easy to use. Thin black arrows and fluffy eyelashes, making the look open and expressive, as well as fresh blush on the cheeks and pink lips harmoniously completed the look.

When for several fall-winter 2014/15 shows at once, models were given eye makeup using red, many wondered how such an extravagant trend could be adapted to their everyday life. While the rest are afraid to try and experiment, Rita Ora gives us an example that clearly shows that you can bring your eyes red without sacrificing your beauty. The eyelash contour should be “filled” with strokes of a black pencil, some golden shadows should be added to the inner corners of the eyes, and then arrows should be drawn - as clear as possible in their outlines, with a coquettish sharp “tail”.

Another pop diva says an emphatic yes to anything about unusual trends, and shows us the original version of the braided hairstyle. Iggy's hair was divided into three sharp-angled sections; the strands from the one in the middle were braided into a braid, while the side strands were smoothed to obtain contrast. It was decided to collect loose hair in the back in a simple ponytail, but now there is not even a hint of primitiveness in it.

The actress does not change her taste when she has to create an image for an evening out. We see again and again the makeup characteristic of Eva's style with the most expressive emphasis on the eyes - the star gives the look depth with the help of smoky eyes in brown tones, and also spares no mascara, turning hers almost into butterfly wings. Sheer pink glitter and matching blush are also classics for Longoria.

The way Elisabeth Moss is in life - not a hint of the image of the "ugly duckling" that we saw at the beginning of the series "Mad Men". On the red carpet, the actress is dazzling - firstly, thanks to a snow-white smile, and secondly, due to perky short curls that adorn Elizabeth in the best possible way, and thirdly, makeup plays its role, in which naturalness borders on unobtrusive highlighting of her merits appearance.

During fashion weeks, the American star completely trusts the stylists and makeup artists who work on the backstage of the shows, and allows them to embody any ideas on their hair and face, but in life she is more inclined to classics, although the top models of her generation are distinguished by great courage in that as for their appearance on weekdays. On the red carpet Carly - with slightly carelessly tied up hair, locks gently emerging, as well as with makeup that gives her features a more feminine. She got the effect of the "cat" look with the help of arrows and lush eyelashes at the outer corner of the eyes, and due to blush and dark powder, she gave the cheekbones a sculptural effect.

Amy's appearance combines long hair, shimmering in gold, sky-blue eyes contrasting against their background, eyebrows with an expressive bend, lips of the correct shape, perfect face oval. The actress competently emphasizes all this: she thickens her eyebrows with the help of shadows, emphasizes her eyes with golden shadows and a careless black haze, applies a transparent shine to her lips.

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