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Facts about actress Christina Asmus
Facts about actress Christina Asmus

Christina Asmus, modest Vara from Interns and the sexiest actress according to men's magazines, turns 27 on April 14. Congratulations and revising her talents.

Facts about actress Christina Asmus
Facts about actress Christina Asmus

Facts about Christina Asmus

  • The surname of the parents of the actress is the Myasnikovs. Asmus is the German surname of her maternal grandfather.
  • Christina is a master of sports in artistic gymnastics.
  • Kristina graduated from the VTU im. Shchepkin. Plays at the Yermolova Theater in the performances "Hamlet" and "The Inspector General".
  • Among the former boyfriends of Christina are actors Nikita Efremov and Vadim Tsallati. In 2013, she married comedian Garik Kharlamov.
  • She likes to spend her vacation in Miami, where her husband sometimes works as a presenter.
  • Kristina brought her seven-month (at that time) daughter Anastasia to the shooting of the film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet …" (in the cinema since April 30) in Karelia.
  • As a schoolgirl, Asmus took part in the play "The Dawns Here Are Quiet …", where she played the brave beauty Zhenya Komelkova. In the new film, she got the role of Gali Chetvertak, a pupil of the orphanage.
Filming a movie
Filming a movie

Christina Asmus about herself

  • "With the birth of my daughter Anastasia, I became softer and more tolerant."
  • “I love dresses. I had a classmate, she has a terribly wide stride. And all because he walks in trousers. I don’t want to do the same.”
  • “Artistic gymnastics has nurtured character in me. But there were also disadvantages - as a woman, I began to develop only at the age of 16. Before that - absolutely unisex: no waist, strong legs and pumped up abs. "
  • “On the set of Interns, I had five takes to eat grilled chicken. I can't see her! "

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