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Lasertag - GO! Laser combat on the street that your child will love
Lasertag - GO! Laser combat on the street that your child will love

School holidays are about to begin, and you probably planned to take your child to a couple of museums, but in such a beautiful autumn it is better to spend more time outside. Yes, yes, we know that the child would prefer to stay at home at the computer: we ourselves have the same children. But what if we say - you can hardly tear him away from the game and drive him home? Do not believe? Then we'll tell you what to do. Do not thank!

Lasertag - GO! Laser combat on the street that your child will love
Lasertag - GO! Laser combat on the street that your child will love

What is it?

Laser tag, or laser combat, is, in fact, a war game familiar to all of us from childhood, only instead of a shooting stick, spray gun or toy weapon, players go into battle with high-tech laser blasters. The essence of the game has not changed at all - you need to defeat the opposing team, but technology has stepped far forward.

Each player is given a blaster and a bandage with sensors, which will read the hit of the laser beam and count it as "wound" or "defeat". The technology is absolutely safe and has been proven for decades: the first beam simulators appeared in the 60s in the United States as a means of conducting tactical and fire training classes. In fact, the weapon "shoots" the same infrared beam as the TV remote control.

Outdoor laser tag

Laser tag clubs are opening in many shopping and entertainment centers, and it is tempting to send a child there to move around, and go shopping herself. But it is much better to gather a group of friends of all ages and go to the park. Because the main problem we all face is how to get the child to be outdoors more?

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23.06! Zyuzino !!! … We will shoot a little with you)). If you want to win a round, you don't have to run in a straight line to the “point”. … Short dashes with accurate shooting will give a chance to break through to the point "alive". … But interception of a point is only half the battle. … It is still necessary not to "give" it to the enemy. … Come to the games and get a master class from Nikolay @nmiriev on how to “take the round” correctly and quickly. #LasertagGO #lasertag #lasertag

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We, the generation of “children with a key around their necks,” spent most of the day on the street, and now it is very difficult to find our children there: on weekdays - study and circles, on weekends - “rest” at the computer. And, in principle, they can be understood: who wants to walk in the park in splendid isolation, while all friends are driving shooters over the network?

Laser tag is the very game that can captivate children so much that they simply do not want to leave the street.

Oleg Miriev
Oleg Miriev

Oleg Miriev founder and instructor of the LasertagGO club

« There are children who have come to us every Saturday for a year already in the morning and it is impossible to kick them out until late at night: they already know that there will be no more games, but they still don’t want to leave. They ask if they can help us to remove the equipment and we, of course, allow it. As a result, we ourselves come home at 10 pm, because cleaning the equipment turns into debriefing, analyzing the mistakes of the battles already played and discussing the tactics of the upcoming ones. This is how real, not virtual, children's friendship is born. "

Who can play?

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Zyuzino !!! 12 May!!! … Who knows what this is about, they won't even read further. They will simply assemble a team, arrive at Zyuzino Park at 13:00 for formation and start a battle. … Do you want to spend time actively? … Do you want to get an adrenaline rush? … Do you want to test your endurance? … We have them !!! … We are waiting for everyone every Saturday from 13:00 in the "Zyuzino Park". … The prices are the same: 2 games (16-20 minutes) - 200 rubles. 1 hour - 350 rub. 2 hours - 700 RUB Unlimited - 900 rubles. …

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Everyone who is already or is still able to hold a weapon in his hands, but it can be different: from very light plastic pistols that a five-year-old kid can easily hold in his hands, to a real Kalashnikov assault rifle (of course, modernized into a laser tag version), which he dreams of holding in in the hands of every boy from 10 to 99 years old (and girls, by the way, also dream!). It is absolutely not necessary to specially assemble a children's team: you can just come on Saturday to the Angarsk Ponds or Zyuzino Park and join the team that is already playing. Or you can arrange a children's birthday with a laser tag - and it will be unforgettable!

Snezhana Gribatskaya
Snezhana Gribatskaya

Snezhana Gribatskaya editor of The guys from LasertagGO gave my son a perfect birthday! And me, in fact, too: one guest could not come and it turned out that now there are an odd number of players, so I had to take up arms myself so as not to spoil the holiday for the children. Who could have imagined that I would get so carried away! At first it was hard to run on a par with the ten-year-olds, but then I took aim, chose the role of a sniper for myself, sat down behind cover and even received praise from the team and organizers. And the most interesting thing - when I later looked at my fitness bracelet, it turned out that I had done a full-fledged cardio workout - only I did not notice it at all: excitement simply does not allow me to think whether you are running there or falling for cover, the main thing is to win! Full immersion into childhood!

All you have to do is find a suitable location near the house. In fact, any clearing in the park will do. The guys will place the equipment so that the players will have where to run and where to hide. Inflatable shelters, by the way, are absolutely safe: they withstood the weight of the editor.

What do you need to play?

First of all - a good mood! In the second - comfortable clothes that will not hinder movement, and after the game is easily washed off: just take my word for it - your shooter will try all positions, including “falling flat for cover”. It is also better to dress in a sporty style yourself: you probably will not resist the temptation to fire a couple of bursts at your opponent!

Nikolay Miriev
Nikolay Miriev

Nikolay Miriev, founder and instructor of the LasertagGO club:

Nikolay Miriev, founder of the LasertagGO club:

Parents who play with our children often give in so that the children do not feel offended. And it’s in vain! Once we gathered a team of children against a team of parents, and the children literally rolled adults like an asphalt roller! Yes, they need a little more time, to get used to it, but then they quickly unite into a strong team and build battle tactics, while adults confine themselves to two tasks “hit the target and not become the target yourself.” Since then, we have repeated the experiment more than once, and the parents have never won

Girls with guns? Yes

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Meet @mas__halove Unwound the kid like "Ace hot water bottle"!

Posted by LasertagGO (@lasertaggo) 18 Mar 2018 at 5:49 am PDT

If at that moment you decided to close the article, because you have not a son, but a daughter, we hasten to stop you: girls are playing too! Moreover, girls play better than boys!

Oleg Miriev,
Oleg Miriev,

Oleg Miriev, founder and instructor of LasertagGO club:

“Honestly, all the girls always start out“dumb.”This is not surprising: from childhood, a boy turns any stick into an imaginary weapon and supports it, but a girl who pokes with a stick like a sword is more likely to make a remark. So in laser tag girls in the first fights are always outsiders. But as soon as they understand what the essence of the game is, they start to tear the boys up like Tuzik a heating bottle. Therefore, we always form mixed teams. And stereotypes like "I won't play with a girl, she's a weakling!" we always suppress”

Family tournament

Another nice bonus of laser tag is the opportunity to play with the whole family: there is no pain here, unlike paintball or airsoft, and there are no contraindications. And most importantly: this is a great way to feel that you are a real team!





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