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Singer Egine told how she conquered America
Singer Egine told how she conquered America

Singer Egine (Idzhun) one day wins the all-Russian competition "Young talents of Russia" and leaves to conquer America, where she easily wins the annual World Performing Arts Championship in Los Angeles in 5 nominations. It was simply impossible not to see the talent and striking appearance. The American production company decides to support the growing popularity of Egine and invites her to record a joint single with the famous American rap artist, producer and actor T-Pain.

Singer Egine told how she conquered America
Singer Egine told how she conquered America

The collaboration turned out to be more than successful: the video clip of Egine and T-Pain - "Moon of Dreams" has collected more than 4 million views and took first places in the charts. But Egine decides to return to Russia, to Moscow. Today the singer is actively working on the release of the first Russian-language album, in the near future - the shooting of the second video.

Is Ijin a stage name?

Egine: Yes, that's my stage name. But so is the present, only in English. This is how my real name is spelled and pronounced in English.

How did Moscow welcome you?

Egine (Idzhun): I adore Moscow, you have no idea how happy I was to return here. Everything here is so dear, here is my family, my friends, my whole life. There is no such city as Moscow anywhere! She's special!

How did you conquer America?

Egine (Idzhun): Having won the Russian Grand Prix competition, I was sent from Russia to the World Performing Arts Championship in Los Angeles. There, several leading American production companies drew attention to me. I signed a contract with one of them and in 2010 started working on my debut tracks at a recording studio in Miami. It sounds easy, but only my family and I know how much work I put into it. At the age of 18, one to move to a country where you don't know anyone, where everything is new, everything is different, to be completely alone and start a completely new life.

Having moved there, I did not speak English at all. I learned English perfectly on my own. I will not forget this experience in my life.

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