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Not a single file: how to choose a good home manicure set?
Not a single file: how to choose a good home manicure set?

Home nail care saves money and helps you just relax. Of course, to achieve salon-like results, you just need a file and cuticle oil.

Not a single file: how to choose a good home manicure set?
Not a single file: how to choose a good home manicure set?

Whether you are doing a gel manicure, applying acrylic nails or just looking for a good home manicure set - we will show you how to choose the right manicure tools and how to use them. Plus, proven home nail care kits. Contents of the article 1. Why do a basic manicure? 1.1 Maintaining healthy nails 1.2 Improving blood circulation 1.3 A well-groomed appearance 1.4 A good way to relax 2. Home manicure set - what items do you need? 2.1 Cuticle scraper 2.2 Cuticle scraper 2.3 Cuticle nippers 2.4 Orange stick 2.5 Nail clipper 2.6 Nail files 2.7 Buffer block for nails 2.8 Finger separators for pedicure 3. How to use a manicure set - life hacks for a home manicure 3.1 Prepare your hands 3.2 Trim your nails and file them to the desired shape 3.3 Buff your nails with a buffer 3.4 Move the cuticle with a spatula 3.5 Remove the cuticle if necessary 3.6 Trim the burrs with nippers 4. The best manicure sets for home and travel 4.1 Classic manicure set, Zinger4.2 Manicure set electric, Beurer4.3 Professional manicure set, Metzger4.4 Manicure and pedicure set electric, Sinbo4.5 Manicure set, Staleks4.6 Mini manicure set, Tweezerman4.7 Manicure Set, Xiaomi4.8 Manicure Set, Zinger4.9 Manicure Set, Ted Baker4.10 Electric Manicure Set, Scarlett Hide

Why do a basic manicure?

A basic manicure is a standard care procedure that is necessary for both women and men.

How long does it take? A grooming manicure will take you no more than 30 minutes.

How long does a manicure last? A simple manicure will last for about a week.

Does the grooming procedure damage the nails? Of course not. First, you soften the skin of your hands, take care of the cuticles, and then file the nail plate. The last step is cuticle oil and hand cream. If you do everything right, a manicure will improve the condition of your nails.

Why should everyone do a manicure without varnish? There are several good reasons that explain everything. In fact, home and salon manicure is not just aesthetics.

Maintaining nail health

During the manicure and pedicure procedure, the master deeply cleans the nails, which means that for some time protects them from harmful fungi and bacteria that provoke skin diseases and fungal infections.

Regular nail care helps to get rid of dead skin on the hands and around the nails. Exfoliation stimulates the growth of new cells in the dermis, which makes nails stronger and healthier.

Improving blood circulation

As part of the beauty procedure, the master makes a gentle massage of the hands and feet, which accelerates blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to freezing or numbness of the hands and feet, and swelling or pain in the joints. Of course, the effect of the massage is short-lived, but there are indeed benefits from regular procedures.

Well-groomed appearance

Hands and feet are subjected to various harsh tests every day - from uncomfortable shoes to extreme weather conditions. Without proper support, the skin begins to crack and dry out, and the nails flake and break. The sight is so-so. A manicure is the smallest thing you can do for your hands and feet. Thanks to a simple home procedure, you will erase unpleasant cracks on your hands and painful calluses on your feet from your life.

Nice way to relax

Manicures and pedicures are a great way to release tension and relax. If you need time to think about life or finally finish watching your favorite TV show, sign up for a pedicure or manicure.

At home, you won't be able to disconnect from reality like that, but you can still enjoy your vacation. Just sit in the aromatic salt bath and play some relaxing music.

Home manicure set - what items do you need?


A good manicure set for your home will last you more than one year. The best beauty tools are made only from stainless steel. Yes, they cost an order of magnitude more, but such a purchase, on the contrary, will help you save money. After all, you do not have to change your manicure kit every six months, because one of the tools is dull or rusted.

Cuticle spatula

The manicure tool removes excess cuticle as you gently push it back to the nail bed. It is preferable to use metal blades - they are more durable and more hygienic. However, there are also inexpensive plastic counterparts on the market for manicure devices. But, oddly enough, in this case the savings are minimal, so we still recommend buying the metal version. Some masters advise not to trim the cuticle, but push it back.

Cuticle scraper

The scraper is a multifunctional manicure tool that combines both a spatula and a cuticle lance. The scapula, as we have already found out, is needed to push back the cuticle, but the spear is useful for removing thin skin on the surface of the nail plate.

Cuticle nippers

The tool is needed to remove cuticle residues, dry skin and tough cuticles. Many people refuse to use nippers because they believe that the cuticle can be removed using less aggressive methods. We are talking about special solvents and cuticle softeners. If you are after a traditional manicure, use the nippers very carefully. Lift the edges of the cuticle and cut at the base while gently squeezing and unclenching the nippers.

Orange stick

A universal wooden stick can literally do anything - push back cuticles, remove particles of dry skin and cleanse nails of dirt. Plus, she can remove excess varnish around the edges. To do this, use the pointed part, gently pressing on the cuticles or the corners of the nails. The only drawback of the stick is that you need to buy it separately and constantly change it.

Nail clipper

In addition to the cuticle nippers, the manicure set should contain a clipper - the same nippers, but in a completely different shape. You will have to trim your nails and remove chips with them.

Nail files

As we all know, files are needed to give nails the desired shape and length. Remember to file your nails straight and in one direction.

There are a huge number of different nail files on the beauty market, but which ones to choose? For long-term use, craftsmen recommend glass and metal files. Glass files are safer because they work softer on the nail plate. But metal options are usually added to manicure sets. There are also paper files. They are the cheapest, easiest to use, and least traumatic. If you have brittle and weak nails, paper files are more suitable for you.

Buffer block for nails

How to instantly make your nails look smooth and shiny? Just buff the nail plate with a buffer. You can also use the tool to smooth the tips of the nails and fix the cracked nail.

How to use the buffer correctly? It's simple - unfold the buffer parallel to the nail and use movements in one direction to polish the surface.

Pedicure Finger Separators

If you are planning to get a pedicure at home, you cannot do without a separator. A simple tool will lock each finger so that they do not touch each other. This way you can quickly and easily paint your nails with varnish.

How to use a manicure set - life hacks for a home manicure


Don't know how to do a manicure at home and how to figure out all these tools? It's simple - follow our instructions and you will succeed.

Prepare your hands

Wash your hands well before manicure. Then take a piece of clean cloth, dab it in nail polish remover (no acetone) and rub each nail to remove any old polish. You can use a cotton pad for cleaning, but the fluff from the pad may remain on the surface.

Cut your nails and file them to the desired shape

Determine the shape of your nails in advance. Take a clipper and trim each nail to a minimum if you want to get rid of the length. Then take a suitable nail file and start sawing from the edge of the plate to achieve a round shape. Or, saw off from the top to make square nails. Move the file smoothly in one direction, otherwise you will damage your nails. Be sure to smooth the edges of the nails a little so that you do not accidentally catch on fabric or other surface.

Buff your nails with a buffer

Using gentle strokes, run the buffer over each nail, polishing the edges and ridges on the surface. Use the non-grained side of the buffer.

Push back the cuticle with a spatula

Apply natural oil to cuticles to soften them. After a few minutes, use a wooden orange stick or metal spatula to gently push the cuticle back towards the nail bed.

Remove cuticles as needed

If you want to get rid of your cuticles, do it carefully. Before trimming the skin, first soften it well. Remove the cuticle with nippers. Try not to pull on the cuticles. You need to grab the skin at the base of the knife bed and gently bite it off with a beauty tool. If you pull on the cuticle, you will most likely damage both the nail and the skin.

Cut off the burrs with a wire cutter

Do not move the cuticle nippers far away. Cut off any burrs and dry skin around your nails. Be careful - grab only dead skin.

The best manicure sets for home and travel

Not sure which manicure set is better to buy? We have saved you the pain of beauty and made a selection of good manicure sets that you can take with you if necessary.

Classic manicure set, Zinger

Classic manicure set
Classic manicure set

Universal manicure set of 10 tools. There are items for both manicure and pedicure. Bonus - a stylish case made of genuine leather.

Manicure set electric, Beurer

Electric manicure set
Electric manicure set

How to quickly get a salon-grade manicure or pedicure? It's simple - buy a home electric manicure set. Includes 10 attachments for nails on hands and feet.

Professional manicure set, Metzger

Professional manicure set
Professional manicure set

Inexpensive professional home manicure set includes 6 basic tools: file, scissors, clipper, scraper, pruner and tweezers. Everything is made of stainless steel.

Manicure and pedicure set electric, Sinbo

Electric manicure and pedicure set
Electric manicure and pedicure set

Sinbo Electric Manicure Set has received good reviews. Users note that the device is suitable for home nail care and is convenient to use even for a beginner in manicure.

Manicure set, Staleks

Manicure set
Manicure set

Professional set for manicure consists of 6 quality tools: spatula, file, scissors, tweezers, nippers and clipper.

Mini set for manicure, Tweezerman

Mini set for manicure
Mini set for manicure

The almost pocket-sized manicure set includes only 4 items: nail file, scraper, tweezers and clipper. What you need for express nail care at home or when traveling.

Manicure set, Xiaomi

Manicure set
Manicure set

Inexpensive and functional manicure set made of high quality stainless steel. The kit includes everything you need - wire cutters, a file, miniature scissors, a cuticle spear, a spatula and tweezers.

Manicure set, Zinger

Manicure set
Manicure set

The 10-piece manicure set is your go-to tool when you urgently need to file your nails or treat your cuticles.

Manicure set, Ted Baker

Manicure set
Manicure set

Another five-piece manicure travel kit. In such a stylish case, you can always carry all the basic nail tools with you.

Electric manicure set, Scarlett

Electric manicure set
Electric manicure set

The set is suitable for both manicure and pedicure, because the set includes 11 attachments, and the speed is adjustable in two modes.

How to choose a nail file and how to care for your hands? We share beautiful nail designs that you can make this fall.

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