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One-sided love: 9 false excuses why he won't marry you
One-sided love: 9 false excuses why he won't marry you

All this nonsense of unrequited love is like a huge caked pile of last year's foliage. It's hard to get out from under her, but you have to, before she completely buries you under her. You expect him to propose to you, and year after year he finds excuses. You look for excuses for him, but they are all wrong. Take off your rose-colored glasses and face the truth … And if you don't like it, turn around and boldly step in the direction where you can feel much more needed and happy.

One-sided love: 9 false excuses why he won't marry you
One-sided love: 9 false excuses why he won't marry you

1. You think, "This is probably not the right time for a serious relationship."

Have you ever given up on a desired promotion at your favorite job because you wanted to wait a little longer? Or, when she was thirsty to death, I thought now was not the right time to take a sip of water? Refusing a tasty treat because it's not lunch time yet? Of course, hypothetically, there may be a bad moment for all this, but, as a rule, if a person is given the opportunity to get what he wants, he grabs it. If he doesn't grab you, then he didn't really want to.

2. You think, "He works hard and he doesn't have time for me."

yes, it happens. But what kind of work is this if he did not find five minutes in a week to not only call, but at least send you a short message? This means that many things (read: practically everything) are of higher priority to him than you. Understand that you are not an important part of his life, and do not waste your own life on empty expectations.

3. You think, "He had a hard time breaking up with his previous girlfriend, and it still affects him."

if you get burnt in hot soup, you won't stop eating because of it. Yes, a difficult parting leaves its mark on anyone, but this is not an excuse. If he keeps you at a distance, then you should not expect that he will suddenly thaw out and reach out to you.

4. You think, “He's just afraid of love. There are such strong feelings between us - and it scares him. "

people are not afraid of love at all. They are afraid to get bogged down in relationships that are comfortable but not particularly inspiring. If every evening a hot dinner awaits him, at any moment - sex, it is cozy with you, you are always on hand, you can always be asked for a favor, but at the same time his heart does not jump out of his chest madly from one of your glances - it is difficult for him to refuse all bonuses of such a relationship. But he understands that he will not be happy in them and will not be able to make you happy. We can only be glad if he keeps his distance - it’s easier to break the web.

5. You think: "He likes the way things are going with us now, but he is afraid to move to the next level."

people complicate things. There are only three levels:

  1. We haven't slept yet;
  2. Slept;
  3. We fell in love with each other.

If he doesn't want to "take it to the next level," it means "I enjoy having sex with you, but I don't care how your day is." Such relationships also have a right to exist - if both are satisfied with them. Just don't kid yourself.

6. You think, "He is not worthy of me."

the only people who don't deserve love are murderers and pedophiles. Claiming that you are better than someone is a funny defense mechanism. If he doesn’t love you, it doesn’t mean that he is worse than you. This means: since he does not want to be with you, then why do you need to be with him. It is not his fault that his heart does not reciprocate to you: we do not know how to fall in love by order. That's okay, and you're both good people.

7. You think, "He thinks he cannot give me what I need."

a relationship between two people is not a dream to have a dog, but to worry that you will not have time to feed and walk it in time. The only thing that he cannot give important and necessary is love, if there is none.

8. You think, "He just wants to see how things go … It works out - it works out."

“let's not rush” essentially means “I think you're okay if no one better comes along.” It's like renting a car instead of buying it.

9. You think, "I can change him."

the task of each participant in the relationship is to support the other, and not to forge him into a completely different personality. This is the road to nowhere: wanting to change someone means "I'm glad that he likes him, but I don't like him enough." If he feels pressure, he will not rush to tie himself to such a relationship.

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