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Ivan Urgant: "I am lazy, inconsistent, quick-tempered, always late"
Ivan Urgant: "I am lazy, inconsistent, quick-tempered, always late"

Ivan Urgant told Cosmo about his howl towards fame, social networks, Yuri Dudyu and Vladimir Pozner. P. S. Beware: a lot of sarcasm!

Ivan Urgant: "I am lazy, inconsistent, quick-tempered, always late"
Ivan Urgant: "I am lazy, inconsistent, quick-tempered, always late"

On the program "Evening Urgant" you talked to many talented people. Which guest became your favorite?

A lot of them. When the so-called chemistry happens to the hero, a slight feeling of hunger remains: he did not discuss something, did not finish talking about something, because the interview on the show lasts only 15 minutes. Then we end the backstage conversation. And I always run into the dressing room to express my respect to the guests.

What star do you dream to invite to your place?

It often happens like this: you invited someone very popular, you think: “This is a man! It's interesting to talk to him. " And then a lesser-known guest comes, from whom you don't expect anything, and turns out to be incredibly bright. So I humbly bow my head before the vicissitudes of fate: I will talk to whom the wind brings to our studio.

Young people say: "We have YouTube, why do we need TV?" Death has been prophesied to television for many years …

Do not worry, before television dies, the glossy press dies, we will first sit at your commemoration, and then someone will order a requiem for us. Everything new tends to be dearly loved at the very beginning, and then they get used to it. The Internet is just another way of distributing information, especially since TV has been digital for a long time.


Ivan Urgant and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

In 2018, Alexander Tsekalo divorced his wife and married for the fourth time, married to an unknown girl Darina Erwin. The producer's friends on "Spotlight Parishilton" did not accept his change in life. Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakov ended their friendship with Tsekalo. “Unfortunately, my colleagues at ProjectorParisHilton joined a number of friends and acquaintances who did not accept the changes in my life. And no matter how harsh it may sound, I will not be able to sit at the same table with them. Because this is my love, my life, my family, and for Darina I will fight to the death."

"Before television dies, the glossy press dies, we will first sit at your commemoration."

Now you can become popular without even leaving your home. Don't you envy these people? You often have to appear in the studio of Channel One …

To each his own. There are, for example, writers who have been writing one book for several years. They live in a house by the sea, walk through the fields, write three lines, and then watch for a long time how the sun falls into the Atlantic Ocean … Everyone has different professions, different instruments. If I don't leave the house, I will stare at the wall. But I still prefer to look an interesting person in the eye.

You are the best TV presenter in Russia. And now there is Yura Dud, the main digital presenter. How do you like this character?

Firstly, I would not call Yura a character. He is a journalist and calls himself that. Secondly, Dud clearly knows a lot about good journalism. I treat him exclusively as a person capable of resuscitating a profession that shuffled in small steps towards the Troekurovsky cemetery. And Yuri gave her several injections - and journalism came to life.


"External youth passes. You can try to chase after it, but it is more important to preserve internal youth."

Do you travel a lot. How do you feel about traveling by car? I think they have a certain romance …

When Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner and I were filming our films, we moved only by cars … I did not think about how romantic it is to drive with Vladimir Vladimirovich in the same car. Rather, just wondering. And there is an opportunity to look out the window. But on the plane outside the window there is nothing, but what a speed! I am waiting for the hyperloop to appear - a project by Elon Musk. This is a vacuum train, a pipe, where you climb - and in a couple of seconds you leave at the other end of the world.

Let's still talk about more familiar vehicles. Are Moscow traffic jams enraging?

I rarely drive on weekdays. Usually I sit in the back seat of my Audi and sing to myself: "What is snow for me, what is it for me, that it is pouring rain for me …" I feel comfortable, and even traffic jams are not annoying. I watch a video, I think, I listen to some light music. But when I myself am driving, I make the sound louder and even open the window so that the wind plays with my thin hair. I have been choosing only Audi for a long time. I like that, on the one hand, the cars of this brand are very dynamic and beautiful, and on the other hand, they are not boring at all. Even if I sit behind the wheel of an executive class car, I do not turn into a person tired of life. It's important for me.

Are you a boy at heart? Does the inner child live in you?

I'm afraid only my therapist can answer this question. Of course, it is important for us to remain children in our souls, because the outer youth passes away anyway. You can try to chase after her, but it is more important to preserve inner youth.


"I force myself to think about my merits as little as possible. It's more interesting for me to talk about my shortcomings."

People love your sense of humor. And what do you yourself consider your main advantage?

I force myself to think about my merits as little as possible. I don’t know if this is a merit? I'm more interested in talking about my shortcomings.

Okay, let's talk about the shortcomings …

I am lazy, inconsistent, quick-tempered, always late.

Yes? But you won't! Okay, tell us about your plans. What is the main thing for you now?

My priority is still my show "Evening Urgant" on Channel One, a business that I love, it is interesting for me to work.

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