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Why do we flirt with married men?
Why do we flirt with married men?

It turns out that girls have very different reasons for flirting with married men: from the desire to feel like a queen to physical attraction.

Why do we flirt with married men?
Why do we flirt with married men?

Married men are not without attractiveness. Well-groomed, in ironed shirts and sincerely passionate about their work, they know how to be very charming. And the ring on the finger only adds status to them. Our heroines noticed and appreciated it. Read why girls flirt with married people and what comes of it.


Marina, 25 years old:

“We have 4 girls and 16 men in our department. My average colleague is a 34-year-old man of good looks and above average intelligence. Marital status - married, spouse on maternity leave, number of children - one or two. My handsome men have a sense of humor enough to brighten up everyday work with witty flirting. Our communication is a tribute to corporate culture and a way to recharge. Noticing a new skirt, my male colleagues rush to express their approval:

- Marina, you look great! - sometimes we jokingly say "you" to each other.

- Maxim, why such a scanty compliment?

- Marin, well, I can’t afford more, I can’t!

With them, you can praise yourself as much as you like and not think that they will misunderstand.

- Well, quickly everyone got up, a pretty woman is coming to you! - I announce when I enter the office.

- Marin, where ?! So where's the pretty woman, Marin ?!

In a word, it is fun and useful: for mood, self-esteem and a healthy atmosphere in the team."

Tool at work

Angelica, 36 years old:

“I am a salesperson, and exactly half of my sales to men came from flirting. The most active buyers are married men. Their shopping needs extend not only to their person, but to the whole family. In such a client, a competent salesperson sees 50 percent of the success of the transaction. In order not to miss the remaining 50, any means are used. In my case, this is flirting.

Eye contact and a smile are my weapons of mass destruction. I have blue eyes, I apply bright blue mascara to my eyelashes, and this makes the color of my eyes a piercing blue, violet. Such an accent attracts the eye of the man with whom I come into contact. I smile at this man openly, but a little embarrassed - as if I shouldn't smile at him, but I can't help myself. My client sees such an internal "struggle" at a glance. He thinks that it’s because of him that the seller is losing his head, which means that he is still wow. In general, a man becomes kind, gentle, and most importantly, generous.

If a client comes with a wife, you need to flirt carefully. Be friendly and in no way pose a threat to the lady. I usually flirt right away with a couple. Compliments for the woman about the chosen product and good taste. In a man, you can notice his practicality. As a rule, couples melt from such a sweet, unobtrusive flirting. But this only works if the seller has genuine sympathy. Most people feel false intuitively."

Matter of habit

Elena, 24 years old:

“I got my first job, and I was assigned a mentor - Victor. He is 39, he has been married for about 15 years, has three children. We immediately began to communicate easily, he helped me in everything, showed concern. Have I encouraged him? If only involuntarily. For a long time I did not know about his feelings. We joked a lot, laughed, prepared joint projects. I was privy to all his affairs, and he to mine. Victor supported me when there were disagreements with the boss, he also replaced me when I was on vacation. Everything I did at work, I did under his guidance, even when I became an independent manager.

Victor confessed his feelings after 8 months of working side by side. I couldn't push him away. There were attempts to maintain distance, but they all failed because of his persistence. It helped a little that I was transferred to another floor. But he always finds a reason to call!

Our current relationship (I can't call it any other way) is definitely not devoid of flirting. Sometimes we go to lunch together or to the bank. I know about his feelings and cannot ignore them completely. He reaches out to me physically. I am weighed down by his attention, but in those moments when for some reason he moves away, I start to get bored, as I'm used to getting a lot from him."

Craving for kissing and sex

Anastasia, 26 years old:

“Several years ago, Julia, my friend, and I went from the institute to a rest home. There I liked our manager - Andrey. I was then 20 years old, he was a little over 30. He often gave us a lift to the store in a car. Here we are with Yulka in the back seat, and I exchange glances with Andrey in the mirror.

One evening Andrey and I were sitting together on the sofa in the hall. He said that he recently got married, but that didn't upset me. I then wanted to kiss and have sex. And I kissed him goodbye.

The next day he did not reply to my messages. I realized that my married acquaintance does not want to communicate. I remember sitting on the bed all in tears, grieving, and then the curator of our trip comes into the room. She looked at me and said: "Well, wow, every year these African passions."

At the end of my vacation, Andrei called me, but we did not have time to say goodbye personally. Back in Moscow, I wrote to him for a while, but he never answered."

Mutual thrust

Olga, 35 years old:

“Oleg and I met when I just went to school, and he was in high school. I still remember how he and the boys sat on the staircase and sang songs with a guitar. Once my mother asked Oleg to help me with admission to a music school. We started practicing sitting side by side at the piano, and even shifted one love song from guitar chords to keys.

After a while, Oleg left for another city to study. In his last year, he got married, became a father, entered the second higher education. After graduating from school, I stayed in my hometown, also entered the university, got married and went on maternity leave.

Once in Odnoklassniki I accidentally saw Oleg's profile. I wrote to him out of curiosity, he answered, and everything started spinning. We corresponded online for two and a half years. Then another year and a half talked in real life, but without sex. And then the tower tore off completely.

Oleg returned to our city. He has two children, me too. We rarely see each other, since he spends most of his time on business trips. Oleg says that he comes only because of me and his mother. He is not ready to create a new family, there are obligations to his wife and children. I also do not want to change my life, because I love my husband. But I can't refuse Oleg either. So I live with a sense of guilt."

The stories were collected by Marina Lysenko and Angelica Zakharina

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