Irina Denezhkina on the disappointments that await provincial women in Moscow
Irina Denezhkina on the disappointments that await provincial women in Moscow

Irina Denezhkina is a writer, author of the script for the TV series Concerned on TNT4, which she wrote together with Semyon Slepakov. Especially for Cosmo, Irina wrote a column about the province, the capital and the province in the capital.

Irina Denezhkina
Irina Denezhkina

Irina Denezhkina is a writer from Yekaterinburg, author of the book "Give Me!"


still from the series "Concerned" about the conquest of Moscow

In 2001, one of my friends, let's call her Galya, lived in Yekaterinburg and did not dream of a capital. She also liked to drink a little and hang out.

It was in the evening. Galya drank a little and hung out in the dormitory of the institute, in which she then successfully studied. I smoked in the kitchen, putting on an alcoholic T-shirt (practically the namesake) and someone's sweatpants (obviously men's) over her naked body. Immediately the owner of the pants fried potatoes and drank vodka in the company of his cheerful friends.

One of Galina's friends suddenly remembered the phone number of a luxurious handsome man from Moscow. At that time, everyone was still on the Internet with cards or in Internet cafes. And it was in an Internet cafe, sitting in one Moscow chat, that Galina's friend, let's call her Ira, got hold of the phone of a breathtaking handsome man. And in an alcoholic rush, Ira offers Galya a phone.

A romantic correspondence ensued. To our great regret, the phones were still push-button and Galya was unable to send the handsome man her photos with a naked booty. At five in the morning and in deep intoxication, Galya decided to show the handsome man the goods with her face and, as they say, descend. Fall like snow on your head.

A quick run through the rooms of her friends - and now Galya, dressed up, rushes by taxi to Koltsovo airport. Further, according to Gali, there is a failure.

“I don’t remember anything at all,” says Galya.

She regained consciousness only at the Domodedovo airport, standing on cotton feet in front of a hot Moscow handsome man, who, for faithfulness, came with a friend. Galya looked stunning: an alcoholic T-shirt, men's sportswear, a delicate mink coat, flirtatiously falling off her shoulder, and red high-heeled boots.

Muscovites were puzzled, but not to leave Galya at the Domodedovo airport - and they took her to dinner.

On the way, Galya thrust her hand into the pocket of her fur coat and, with a cheerful exclamation of surprise, pulled out a packet with her mother-and-stepmother.

"They shone through me in Koltsovo!" - mentally our heroine was surprised.

“Some of the guys apparently put it down,” Galya announced, touched by the care of her Ural friends, looking at the pale faces of her new Moscow friends. A traffic police officer loomed ahead on the road.

Galya never had lunch that day.

Inspired by this story, my co-author and I wrote one of the episodes of the series "Concerned", which is now on the TNT4 channel. Initially, Concerned was conceived as a story about a Moscow girl, Sasha, who lives in the capital and wants to become a writer. But in the process of writing, my co-author and I came to the conclusion that writing about a Moscow girl is not interesting. The Moscow girl has no problem. She already lives in Moscow, what else does she need? Something like this we, two people who came to Moscow, reasoned then. And we began to write about something close to both of us - about a girl from the provinces (from Yekaterinburg).

On the face of a visiting girl, as a rule, purple shadows and a lip liner are applied

A girl from the provinces who suddenly found herself in Moscow has a lot of problems: she always lives on the edge of geography (in Butovo or Biryulyovo - I have no idea how far it is, but it sounds very frightening); She is not hired by decent companies, and if they do, then only through that very place - and then they will definitely be thrown out with her things in the cold, because when our heroine arrives, she is no one in huge Moscow, which is what insidious Muscovites use. Another visiting heroine is sure to give out a strong "okanie" and the use of words such as "okolotok", "kulema", "mahotka", as well as a small cotton pocket sewn onto one of the items of underwear for storing cash. A visiting girl loves to wear such a delightful invention of hairdressing as bangs, as well as to lighten her luxurious hair, which makes it even more luxurious. On the face of a visiting girl, as a rule, purple shadows and a lip pencil are applied - any Muscovite knows these signs of visiting girls.

Muscovites are very, very poor

Also, the charm of girls who come to Moscow lies in their charming delusions. For example, they think that all Muscovites are rich. It's a shame, annoying, but it is not so. Another friend of mine was convinced of this, let's call her Olya D.

Olya D. came to Moscow from the outskirts of St. Petersburg, where she lived with a view of the dump. In Moscow, she, by a happy coincidence, settled in an apartment overlooking the Kremlin.

This is another feature of visiting girls - to settle as close to the center as possible, to Red Square, to the heart of Russia. So that you can go straight in slippers and a dressing gown to admire the statue of Zabivaki. Of course, this is a figurative expression. No self-respecting visiting girl will leave the house in a dressing gown.

So, about Olya D. Walking along the embankment in tiger leggings, Olya D. met a handsome man who was mesmerized by Olya's provincial beauty (after all, girls from the provinces are traditionally considered very simple and inexperienced, and this, as we know, is very attractive for men). Since then, Olya D. and the man walked together. By an incredible accident, the man turned out to be rich and even slightly famous (in narrow circles).

- Everyone has strings in a cookie box, and I have diamonds. Here, look.

- Why are they so huge?

- Well, Kolya loves me. But for the most part Muscovites are very, very poor, - says Olya D., sadly drinking coffee overlooking the Kremlin.

No self-respecting visiting girl leaves the house in a dressing gown

Another misconception is that when you come to Moscow, you will immediately become a famous singer or actress.

- All this is not true, - says that same friend of mine Olya D., who is also an actress. - Nobody is expected here with open arms. Here actresses - at least eat a booty, - Olya D. fidgets at the sounded place. “So I don’t understand this crazy ambition. Moscow will chew you up and spit you out. Moreover, now you can sit quietly in your Muhosransk and upload your songs to YouTube. And you will definitely be noticed. After all, Moscow producers rummage in the internet in search of talented provincials.

- Still, there is a zest in the visitors that Moscow producers like so much and which Muscovites do not have?

- Of course, - replies Olya D. - Newcomers are ready to work for food. While Muscovites are not ready to work for food. Do you think all these actresses from Muhosransk have ever seen the new two thousandth bill?

- Is not it so?

“They saw the producer’s writing,” says Olya D., arriving and an actress who clearly knows something.

My friend Galya, who in the distant 2001, visited Moscow in a fur coat from someone else's shoulder, agrees with her. Galya lives, works and gives birth to children in my hometown of Yekaterinburg and is not going to Moscow.

- There is absolutely nothing to do, - says Galya. - All the same we have in Yekaterinburg. Rich men - one, Boris Yeltsin center - two, cultural events - three, good people - four. A lot. I do not aspire to any Moscow.

In my opinion, Galya still holds a grudge against those two luxurious Muscovites who did not feed her dinner. Guys, answer me!

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