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Our took
Our took

What to do when a man does not know that cogs have turned somewhere and here she is - his woman?

Our took!
Our took!

Fight and win - almost every man has it in his blood. And what to do when he does not know that cogs have turned somewhere and here she is - his woman? Then we take matters into our fragile hands and … No, we do not conquer (what are we, warriors of some sort?), We help a man in his difficult task. We push. And then let him conquer, we are ready.


The benefits of reading

The benefits of phones

Varya worked as a middle-level manager in a not very large holding. She was not a careerist, she was quite satisfied with the position she held, but when the head of the department went on maternity leave, it naturally turned out that Varya took her position. Her responsibilities now included attending weekly branch meetings. This did not cause joy: at first, they had to trudge to the head office far away, sit there for half a day, at a time when there was a lot of things in their own office. She shared her feelings with the secretary, who giggled and told her that handsome Dima from one of the branches would be at the meeting. They say that he recently broke up with his girlfriend and is free as the wind in the field. Varya shrugged her shoulders: what could be at the workers' "rallies" - either a boring discussion of development prospects, or they will arrange such a dressing down that there will be no place for a living, and no Dima or Petya will help.

At the first meeting, she was so worried that she did not see anyone at all, except for the chief boss, who, probably, can also be called a handsome man, but in connection with his position, he instilled only horror in Varya. She met Dima only at the third meeting. Imposing and smart, but he spoke brilliantly about the work done. Since then, Varya even fell in love with planning meetings, and especially - communication with Dima, although it was purely professional. And each time this upset Varya more and more.

At one of the meetings, quite by chance, Varya noticed that she and Dima had laid the same mobile phones on the table. Unexpectedly for herself, she moved the phones so that Dimin was with her. He found the substitution already in the car. Varya at this time went to the office and panicked - she was afraid that she had done a stupid act. But … They met to exchange phone numbers, and during the meeting, they quietly started talking not about work. Can we say that Varya conquered her man? Do not know. But she made him fall into a trap.

About the benefits of cockroaches

Vera once shattered her friend's broken personal life. She quarreled with her friend of the heart, and he, all proud of himself, went to live with his mother for several days. Vera, of course, rushed to calm her friend. They cried together, scolded the men and even laughed, and then Vera was getting ready to go home, and her friend decided to give her a lift. They go down the stairs, and towards them two young men of a handsome foreign-European appearance, greet them ceremoniously, nod their heads. Already in the car, Verochka asked her friend who these guys were, it turned out that her friend didn’t know. "How so? - Vera exclaimed. - They are walking with might and main on your stairs, and you are neither sleep nor spirit! " The girls are driving, but these foreigners do not come out of Vera's head … Already near the house she says to her friend: “Turn the car around, let's go get to know each other! It's better than shedding tears. " The friend was in such upset feelings that she could not resist. “What are we going to tell them? What is our reason? " - She was worried, but the car turned around. And Vera - she will always find something to say. Returned, call the neighbor's odnushka. Silence. Yeah, so not here. They go up one floor to a two-room suite, and one of the most pleasant-looking foreigners opens the door for them. He was very surprised: still, fifteen minutes ago these beauties left the house, and now here they are. And Vera immediately rushed to the attack: - That means, who lives here!

“Yes,” said the puzzled young man.- My friend and I are renting this apartment. And what?

- Have you hunted cockroaches recently? - Verochka asks him.

And she herself answers:

- They persecuted! Because they all ran over to us. We live under you. And the mice, I suppose, were poisoned? Yesterday we ran alone, half dead!

The foreigner got scared. - Oh, - he says, - the cockroaches were poisoned as soon as they moved, but there were no mice. Mice are not us!

- Well, what are we to do with mice? A? - Vera presses on him.

- Come in, we'll discuss it calmly. Maybe I'll call you a command to get the mice out? - the guy offers. The girls came in. Word for word, and discussed the mice, and cockroaches, and even drank champagne, and then new friends offered to go to a nightclub. Would you like? Who doesn't want to? Go. Vera from the club went home, and a neighbor drove her friend. They talked in the car until 6 in the morning, and then she invited him to breakfast. When the proud boyfriend returned home 4 days later, an Englishman who had already taken root there was peeling potatoes in the kitchen of the girl he had left. The unclaimed boyfriend slammed the door and was like that, and Verachkin's friend and the Englishman somehow quickly got married and are happy to this day.

About completely useless pockets

- What are you writing there? - Looking over my shoulder, asked my husband going about his business.

- Don't bother, - I waved it off, - the text about how we conquer men.

- Are you out of your mind ?! - he was either surprised or stated. - It is men who conquer women, and not vice versa, as you think.

Of course, dear, you are right, as always. We, women, do not conquer anyone, but only help you, brave and strong, conquer us, weak women, waiting for their winner. Our family history is proof of that.

Me and my then not yet husband wrote the candidate, we faced in the corridors of the hostel, smoking room and at parties. We exchanged short phrases, and it seemed that there was interest on both sides, but there were no actions and steps towards rapprochement. On either side. And then he appeared at the next party in our girl's hostel. Not alone - arm in arm with a charming lady. He easily took and brought someone else's beauty to our party.

“Outrageous! - I thought. - Need to do something". Now I don’t remember how the idea was born, but, cunningly taking advantage of the moment of his loneliness, I went up and asked him to put the keys to my room in his pocket. So as not to get lost, of course, and dancing with the keys is inconvenient. Well, in general - my elegant dress has no pockets. At all. Unsuspectingly, he slipped my keys into his pocket and continued to entertain the alien fifa. Then there were dances, some funny contests, prizes. And a smoking room in the kitchen. In the midst of the party, I went there. I went in and, through the gray smoke, asked him for the keys to my room. In front of everyone. Loud. And what? Maybe I need to fix my hair or powder my nose. Beauty, it requires care. It seemed that not only the voices in the smoking-room had ceased, but also the rumbling music. Shah! He naively took my keys out of his jeans pocket and even volunteered to accompany me to the door. Mat! It was stupid to refuse, right? Since then we have been together.

“Ha-ha-ha,” my husband laughed when I reminded him of this story.

- What's so funny? See, I caught you on the key, - I said gloatingly.

- Ha! he laughed. - Yes, you would not catch me for anything, if I had not brought my classmate there. I caught you. On live bait.

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