5 types of men you shouldn't mess with
5 types of men you shouldn't mess with

If your relationship with your partner begins to oppress you, it's time to check if he is one of the five types with which it is not recommended to associate your life.

5 types of men you shouldn't mess with
5 types of men you shouldn't mess with

Understanding the nuances of your partner's behavior is the first step in assessing your potentially negative relationship.

1. Flaw detector

If your partner makes you feel like you can't do anything right, and also constantly points out your mistakes, it's time to reconsider the relationship. By focusing only on your shortcomings, you lose high self-esteem and cease to respect yourself.

2. Controller

While you may take his tendency to control every step you take as loving you, this is not at all a sign of concern. He just wants to know all aspects of your life and always be able to express his opinion about it.

3. Serious guy

This is a person who takes everything too seriously and is completely incapable of making fun of himself or laughing at a joke addressed to himself. However, he can make a rather rude and sarcastic joke on you, which sometimes even verges on insult.

4. Iceberg

Similar to a block of ice, he is always cold and unperturbed. He is sorely lacking in emotions, and he treats you as a piece of furniture. He does not intend to take care of your feelings at all, so he will not even pay attention if something does not suit you.

5. Victim

He will never take responsibility for his actions and you will always be guilty. He will constantly complain to you about everyone around him, presenting himself as a martyr. With his sad stories, he squeezes out pity from you like a child.

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