9 thoughts of the guy you admitted to being free
9 thoughts of the guy you admitted to being free

This guy talked to you and thought: “Well, somebody is lucky! At any moment he can hug such a sweet, smart and pretty girl, spend evenings with her in front of the TV and nights in the bedroom, weekends by the lake and a dream vacation! " And suddenly it turns out that this place is vacant and he may well take it - if he does not get confused and does not say nonsense. What is rushing through his head at this second?

9 thoughts of the guy you admitted to being free
9 thoughts of the guy you admitted to being free
  1. Now I will communicate with you in a completely different way. There is a major difference between talking to a woman and talking to a lonely girl. As soon as a man finds out that you are not married and are not dating anyone, that primordial area of his brain is activated, which sees a potential partner in you, and he does not know how to turn her off.
  2. Switching to Conversation with a Free Woman is a transformation at the level of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If you haven't read this book or watched the movie, this is a nutty professor transformation. Once guys decide to impress a woman, they turn into an artificially created monster or an awkward tongue-tied fool. Sometimes both at the same time.
  3. She said she was alone because she wants me to hit her? He will spend the next five minutes trying to understand whether she mentioned it because she had to, or it was a veiled hint. If he doesn't decipher her signal right now, this question will haunt him for years.
  4. So … There is a chance that she will sleep with me. That is, a little more chance than before, when I thought that she had someone.
  5. Just not to ask her: "How can it be that such a girl - and suddenly one?" Not that. This is terribly corny. And yet this question is still torn from the tongue.
  6. Wait … How long has she been alone? No one wants to be the guy with whom they take revenge on their ex-husband and on whom they take out their anger and resentment for a failed marriage.
  7. What does "one" mean in her view? Some people continue to consider themselves free if their relationship is "everything is complicated." Few people want to be part of a love triangle.
  8. What if I misunderstood her? What if she meant that she was alone in this cafe today (but not in life) or that she felt lonely because her boyfriend was not paying attention to her? Or that she just has a day off - that is why she is "completely free"?
  9. If I'm going to ask her for her phone, I should probably wait a bit so it doesn't look like I'm throwing myself at every single lady. The main thing is to have time to do this before she goes to powder her nose and gets lost in the crowd.

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