10 signs you are real family
10 signs you are real family

Family is more than living together, having sex or having children. Family is the highest happiness that must be cherished. And if most of these points are about you, you are lucky!

10 signs you are real family
10 signs you are real family

You are best friends

You completely trust each other, respect and always know that a loved one is the main support in life. Nothing is scary with him, because a man will always support, listen, understand and help find a solution to any problem. And you answer him in kind. It's really cool if your beloved husband is among your best friends.

You do not seek to fill your personal space

You understand that a family is not a permanent pastime only together, but also an understanding that any person needs to be alone with himself, think about something, or just meet with his company without second halves. And you are calm about the fact that you can spend the evening not together, but in different companies.

You have fun together

You laugh at his jokes to tears, and he makes sharp jokes on your part. You know that all this is only loving, without insults and insults. If you are bored in the company of your closest person, then something is wrong.

You can agree

Husband and wife are one Satan, but sometimes someone's demon takes over and quarrels and scandals appear. As an adult, you understand that eternal love without flashes of misunderstanding exists only in Brazilian TV shows (and there is no such thing). But if, after a quarrel, you are able to ask each other for forgiveness and solve all issues together in order to preserve the relationship, this is a reason for pride. Some people are so fond of destroying everything that they risk being left alone.

You miss when not together

And we are not talking about every minute sugary SMS: "I'm dying without you, everything is terrible when you are not with me." You just know that it’s always better with your loved one, no matter what happens.

You are gentle with each other

Skin-to-skin contact is a very important article in a successful marriage. Do you remember how at the beginning of your romance you always tried to hug each other, stroke and kiss? So, all these tenderness and affection must be preserved, because this is how an emotional connection is established.


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Do you like sex with each other

And you don't use sex as a reward or punishment. After all, this is a natural thing that all people need, not just one person. If the gingerbread cookies are not at home, they can be found in the arms of another person.

You are attentive to each other

You have long ago learned about all the habits, advantages and disadvantages of each other. Therefore, he knows that you need shampoo for dry hair, and you know where all his clean socks went - on the second shelf on the left, of course.

You accept each other

We all have some flaws that need to be corrected. But you do not seek to remake your man under your own concept of beauty, but he humbly waits until you spend two hours on makeup. Because these are all small things compared to the happiness you have.

You have family traditions

Traditions that have taken shape for more than one day. Of course, this is not a strict regime colony and there are always some nuances, but in general you adhere to certain rules that allow you to comfortably exist together - he takes your mother to the dacha, because this is important to you, and you are not against his evenings with friends on Thursdays …

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