Quiz: is the old relationship over?
Quiz: is the old relationship over?

How often do you think about your ex? Find out if the old relationship is really over or are you still with one foot in the past?

Quiz: is the old relationship over?
Quiz: is the old relationship over?

How often do you think about your ex? A couple of times an hour or twice a year - to wish him a happy birthday and a Happy New Year. Find out if the old relationship is really over or are you still with one foot in the past?


1. Do you maintain any relationship with the man you broke up with?

1. No, it would be very difficult for me to see him.

2. We do not communicate, but I would not mind having coffee every six months.

3. Yes, there is some attraction left, and we even have sex.

2. How would you describe the feelings and sensations you get when you think about your ex?

1. From love to hate - one step, back and forth.

2. Resentment and understatement.

3. Light sadness and gratitude.

3. Do you think about the appearance of a new man in your life?

1. I am actively looking for new men on the horizon.

2. I don’t want anything, but I would not mind if someone appeared - to distract myself.

3. For me, this is tantamount to treason, although I understand that we parted.

4. How do you see life without a former partner?

1. Everything is in gray colors.

2. I am optimistic about the future, although, perhaps, I need to be alone.

3. Anxious. But finally I can do what I want, and no one will control me.

5. When you imagine his life without you …

1. I have anxiety and guilt - how can he cope without me?

2. I think he will be fine.

3. In general, I can’t imagine his life without me.

6. At the thought that your ex will have another …

1. My feelings are conflicting. On the one hand, I understand that this is normal, on the other, I am very annoyed.

2. I feel searing jealousy.

3. In general, such a thought does not cause violent emotions in me. Although, perhaps, she would prefer not to know about it.

7. What events preceded your breakup?

1. There was a certain period of uncertainty - and not together, and not apart. But it soon became clear that it was all over.

2. We parted several times and met again, but the same problems began.

3. In my opinion, nothing special happened. So now I'm thinking about giving the relationship another chance.

8. Do you have a desire to take revenge on your ex?

1. Sometimes I want to stab him more painfully so that he understands how hard it was for me.

2. Oh yes! I would love to burn his car!

3. If the desire for revenge did exist, it has already passed.

9. You broke up because …

1. He's just not my man.

2. It was impossible to endure quarrels, showdown and problems with sex.

3. This man is not at all what he seemed at first - I was terribly disappointed.

10. What are you doing in your free time now?

1. I go on dates with pleasure, communicate with friends. And it's nice to be alone from time to time.

2. I went into work and hobbies. But sometimes you want to cry to your friend about your difficult fate.

3. I can't find a place for myself, I constantly remember the past, go through photographs.

11. How do you assess the segment of your life in which your ex was the main character?

1. It seems to me that I wasted so much effort, which in the end did not lead to anything.

2. I have gained invaluable experience.

3. This is the time that is best forgotten as a bad dream.

12. To be honest, you would like your ex to:

1. Live your life and live well.

2. Would admit that he too was sorry that the relationship was over, and apologized for the pain.

3. In spite of everything, he continued to love me.

Count, what answers do you have more?


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This novel is finally and irrevocably completed. You have learned from the past all the necessary lessons, that is, with your own hands, you have increased the likelihood that the next relationship will be more successful. Experiencing the pain of parting, you opened up to emotions and were able, in spite of everything, to keep in your heart and not devalue the good that undoubtedly was. The man, without whom until recently it was impossible to imagine the future, now lives his own life. And you are able to sincerely wish him happiness, without you. You have learned to rely on your inner resources in a difficult situation. It will certainly pay off in the new relationships you are ready for, and they may have already begun.


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You are at the mercy of emotions - resentment, guilt, jealousy, anger. It is difficult for you to control yourself, it is difficult to look at the situation from the outside. The former partner today seems like an absolute ideal, and tomorrow - a hated scoundrel. Perhaps you are tormented by the desire to fix everything, to give your relationship another chance. Or, on the contrary, you are trying to erase from memory everything connected with this man. In other words, you cannot be called a free person. At the moment, you are a hostage to your feelings. This condition can last for quite a long time. This is a sign that you are trying to avoid the knowledge of the loss, which is likely to bring pain. But until you admit to yourself that it's over, until you stop running away from reality, you will be addicted and unhappy. Stop all contact with your former lover and try to understand: parting is a fait accompli. For support, contact your loved ones or a psychologist.


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Perhaps your romance is complete, but only formally. An ex-partner still takes up too much space in your life. You are trying to preserve the relationship by renaming it friendship, the new love does not appear or begins to subtly resemble the previous one. In order to finally free yourself from the burden of the past connection, you need to allow yourself to get angry (after all, the separation caused you so much pain) and sadness (the good that was between you is gone too). It is also helpful to think about what the relationship taught you, what was its meaning. When you feel some gratitude to your ex for an important part of life experience, it will mean that you are ready to finally let go of the past and go forward to new love.

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