Victim or tyrant: 9 honest reviews of dating toxic men
Victim or tyrant: 9 honest reviews of dating toxic men

To understand what a particular person really is, sometimes you do not need to live together for ten years. Some open up quickly enough, even at the first meeting! This is how it goes.

Victim or tyrant: 9 honest reviews of dating toxic men
Victim or tyrant: 9 honest reviews of dating toxic men
  1. "Listen to how he talks about his ex. If she was always guilty, too demanding, terrible, - think that he will tell the same about you" - Maria, 27 years old.
  2. "He's always unlucky. Troubles happen, the reasons for which he doesn't understand. It's almost always a sign that he has low self-esteem and wants to make himself a victim." - Alice, 29.
  3. "You are at the beginning of a relationship, you ask him about something, he talks, but he never asks you. It annoys me," - Olga, 30 years old.
  4. “We met on the site, met for the first time. Everything was fine until a friend called him. And this guy lied to him about where he was and with whom. the decision not to have sex until the age of 20, he said that in our time it is difficult to find a person with such moral foundations and he respects it. When we said goodbye, I received an SMS asking if I would agree to give him a blowjob. Lies and double standards are excellent kit!" - Emma, 20 years old.
  5. “Such people behave badly towards others, explaining that they are“just the way they are.”And they often get away with it, because people are too lazy to stir up a scandal,” Alexandra, 26 years old.
  6. "Already on the first date, he constantly interrupted me, but he asked in detail about whether I can cook and whether I like to have sex. It feels like women without functions simply do not exist for him," - Yulia, 25 years old.
  7. “He said that he had bad control over emotions, did not worry about what was happening around him. He turned out to be lazy and was not interested in my life,” - Violetta, 24 years old.
  8. “He didn’t accept my refusal, he constantly tried to find out what was wrong and was offended” - Maya, 32 years old.
  9. "He spoke badly about women. Like, they are stupid, they only choose tall, pumped-up guys, too emotional. And he spread it to everyone!" - Christina, 25 years old.

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