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7 things only a strong woman will understand
7 things only a strong woman will understand

The stupidest thought in the world is the thought that women are weak. There are so few really weak women that this percentage may not even be considered statistically significant. On the other hand, there are not very many really strong women either. And if you are one of them, this is definitely about you.

7 things only a strong woman will understand
7 things only a strong woman will understand

You know everything in advance

Smart women learn from other people's mistakes, fools learn from their own, and strong women don't learn at all. They already know everything. Because a strong woman does not have to collect life experience drop by drop, it immediately falls on her like a waterfall. The problem is that you will not forget this experience if you want it. You cannot think of a situation, the development and ending of which would be unpredictable for you. Lovers of stepping on the same rake envy you, and you envy them. Because knowing everything in advance is not fun at all. Sick of this, frankly.

Therefore, it is better not to give out knowledge

Otherwise, everyone around will begin to lather the ropes and look for a suitable post on which to hang. Not that you are a pessimist, but you definitely know that the mantra "Everything will be fine!" does not work. Because it never happens that everything is good. But you can close your eyes to what is bad at the moment and enjoy what is going well. The only problem is that everyone except you can afford it. Because you are the very person who provides loved ones with this state of "oh, thank you, I'm fine!"

With most men, you have to turn on the fool

Of course, you know how to pretend to be cute, what a fool you can do, you can do everything. Another thing is that it does not give you any pleasure: this is not a fun game, this is not coquetry and deceit, this is a necessity. Men are mostly very cowardly creatures, leaving the comfort zone seems to them to be something deadly. In addition, they think stereotypically, so many of them consider a strong woman to be such a monster in advance. A monster who, on their wedding night, takes off their shoe, breaks their skull with a heel, and rumbling gobbles up their tender, soft brains. Therefore, the "fool on / off" button always at your fingertips.

Otherwise, you will have to carry all the problems yourself

If you are already married, you still have to wear the fool's disguise from time to time. It is difficult to imagine a strong woman who will marry a mattress and an infantile - this, of course, is not you. Most likely, you are married to a man who can take care of everything himself. The problem is that people are unusually lazy creatures: if it is possible not to do something, we will not do it - it is checked. Let someone else do it. And for some reason it so happens that this “other” is always you. And if you do not turn on this very fool in time, it will turn out that you alone are pulling everything on yourself.

You are prone to despondency and self-delusion

Opening your own soul, finding some dirty trick there and sucking with gusto is your favorite pastime. You always think that you could have done better, faster, more interesting. You always feel like you should have tried harder. Then you realize that trying harder means driving yourself into the grave, and you immediately fall into black melancholy. Because the imperfection of the world is unbearable, unbearable!

Always and everyone expects a feat from you

However, you cannot indulge in despondency for a long time, because your loved ones are standing around in costumes of orphans and are devotedly looking into your mouth. Something happened to them again: the cat is dying, grandfather has gone mad and is going to marry some outsider grandmother, the project has gone beyond budget, the eggs have run out, and tomorrow they need to bring a homemade cake in the form of the Eiffel Tower to school. Do something! If not you - then who ?! And you stop being discouraged, get up and do "something." I mean, you are again performing the feat that everyone was expecting from you.

You are a perfectionist

But just a feat is not enough for you, of course. A feat must be ideal, otherwise it is not a feat, but some kind of profanation. Therefore, you do everything perfectly. The problem is that after a while you notice that you can’t do anything, not that even somehow, but just normally. You can't even watch a movie normally, because it shouldn't be any movie, but perfect. You have absolutely no time to rest, you barely found those two hours in front of the TV, you can't spend them on some mediocre and passable picture? In general, you understand, right? Perfectionism is part of your nature, and it is useless to fight it, but keeping it within the framework is necessary. And this is, perhaps, the very task with which a strong woman is most difficult to cope with.

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