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New wave: who is the singer Fidelle
New wave: who is the singer Fidelle

Singer Fidelle responded to a short blitz poll from Cosmo editors, in which she talked about her album, inspiration, character and much more.

New wave: who is the singer Fidelle
New wave: who is the singer Fidelle

Who is the Fidelle singer?

Cool songwriter, recognizable voice, beautiful girl and just a humble person.

When did you get the idea to create your own project?

The idea of our own project was from childhood, but Fidel was officially born in 2013.

Did your family support you early in your career?

Parents were always and in everything supported, it was not easy for them. Now my partner supports me in music and business. But we came to joint creativity after 5 years of various kinds of relations.

You recently released your new album 2000/20. Tell us what inspired you to create it?

What has always inspired: Western music and culture of the 2000s.

Why the 2000s, what is the main message in the style of your songs?

The main thing is arrangement, music. Melodies and lyrics are integral, but the sound decides, you need to hear - and everything will become clear.

How do you feel about modern music trends? What do you think will become popular in the next 5-10 years?

Hopefully the trash culture will give up. Let's return to high-quality performance in the first place and to music without "Tik-tok".

What is the most valuable thing in life for you?



What quality in a person you simply do not accept?

Lack of concepts of "being responsible for words" and "keeping promises."

What do you need to do to become famous?

In the modern world?) Be the ultimate freak.

Tell us about your character, what is it like?

Kind. Main quality. I get nervous sometimes, but I never really feel angry. I can explain and justify any actions of people.

Who of the famous music performers would you like to collaborate with?

With artists with glowing eyes, fountains of ideas that fit my criteria for assessing talent. These may be the most unexpected people, let the Universe send me these beacons.

On August 15 at 20:00 there will be a presentation of the album "2000/20" in "Safety Technique". Free admission.

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