Alesso: "Nobody knows what it means to be a DJ"
Alesso: "Nobody knows what it means to be a DJ"

In 2018, the festival of contemporary music and technologies Alfa Future People celebrates its first anniversary: from August 10 to 12, it will be held in the Nizhny Novgorod region for the fifth time. On the eve of the open-air, Cosmo spoke with the headliner of the festival - 27-year-old Swedish DJ Alesso, who is actually called Alessandro Lindblada.

Alesso: "Nobody knows what it means to be a DJ"
Alesso: "Nobody knows what it means to be a DJ"

Alesso, you were already in Russia in 2012. And here you go again. Apparently, you liked it with us

This is true! (Laughs) Be sure to come to my performance! I will give all of myself! I hope this time I will have more time and I will be able to see Moscow more meaningfully and feel the city. I have a great manager - he always creates a wonderful cultural program. I don’t know yet what exactly I will do in Russia, but I’m definitely going to drink a lot of vodka! Don't worry, I'll post everything on my Instagram!

By the way, about Instagram, you have a lot of beautiful pictures there. I am sure that behind each there is some kind of story that you do not tell. For example, you were at a carnival in Brazil …

Oh yeah! I have never been so scared in my life! The shots were the first thing we heard when we entered our apartment in Rio. I'm like, “What the hell? What is going on?!" It turned out we rented an apartment in a criminal area. Then my manager went to the grocery store. As soon as he got out of the car, some guys with pistols flew up to him. I don't know how he managed to survive. He called immediately after that and said: "We urgently need to get out of this country!"

Well, this will not happen with us! Returning to the conversation about Russia, which of our artists do you know?

Ashamed to admit, nobody. I don't know anything about your country at all. But I promise to improve!

Your first visit to Russia took place as part of Madonna's world tour. How does it feel to open a show for the planet's top pop star?

Unforgettably! It's an honor to work with her! I still can't believe that she liked my music - you just can't think of better praise! She personally invited me to participate in the tour. Imagine, Madonna herself called me! I was so flattered! She knows how to create a team spirit. Before each performance, I gathered the whole team in the dressing room, and we prayed together. Madonna pushed such pretentious speeches: "Now we will put on a show that people will never forget!" And everything is in this style.

How do you prepare for your shows? Are you praying too?

Oh no. You see, it's hard to be a star, there are people all the time huddling around me in the dressing room - fans, journalists and others. They want something from me - I get so tired of it, and on stage I have to give energy. And how can I do this if I don't have one myself?.. Before the show, I lock myself in the dressing room and enjoy the silence. 10 minutes alone with yourself is great!

Are you only 27 years old, and are you already so tired of fame that you kick everyone out of the dressing room?

I would not say that. I will not say that I am tired of popularity. Rather, I am about the fact that life on the road is exhausting. You see, when you travel around the world for six years, constantly write and play music, communicate with people … In general, a wild fatigue accumulates, which cannot be easily relieved … At some point I even began to feel like a slave. And I began to forget why I was doing all this. Doubts arose: is the game worth the candle? And then I introduced such a tradition - there should be no one in the dressing room 10 minutes before the performance. It’s in those moments of silence before the show that I remind myself why I’m working so hard.


And why do you need all these trips around the world?

I perfectly understand that you need to seize the moment. I'm at my peak now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? I have fewer trips now, but I know I have to keep going. And to be honest, I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to live a normal life.

What do you call normal life?

Everything that guys usually do at 27 years old. Hang out with friends, see family, play video games, work out in the gym. I love people, but I want to talk to them about something else besides work.

And guys at the age of 27 have a personal life. For example, if a Russian girl wants to draw your attention to herself, what should she do?

I am attracted to confident girls who can speak frankly, without any games, who can defend their point of view and who have their own point of view, and not borrowed from someone who love themselves and know their own strengths and weaknesses.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in love! But not at first sight. It seems to me that you can fall in love with a person only by getting to know him, and for this you first need to chat. If anyone wants to charm me, just talk to me! I'm not interested in girls who have nothing to talk to.

You are Swedish, but you live in America, and they all love small talk there. How do you deal with this?

I hate small talk! It turns me back when a person asks how I'm doing and moves on without waiting for an answer. Why do I need this courtesy? You can immediately pass by!

Don't you answer people in such cases?

My answer is, of course, otherwise I would look like an idiot. It's just that if I see that a person is not in the mood for a conversation, then I will try to get rid of him as soon as possible. I don't want to waste time on meaningless conversations. But I'm actually pretty sweet and I have no problem communicating.

You have Italian and Swedish roots, and you live in America. Well who are you?

I am 100% Swedish. (Laughs) But I look like an Italian. And yes, I live in America. I definitely don't feel like an Italian, although I speak Italian. My mother and her parents are from Italy, I grew up in Sweden and constantly return there. But seriously, I didn't fully understand who I am. I'm looking for my identity.

You know, it's hard not to notice that you're a pretty attractive guy. Do you think it helped you conquer the musical Olympus?

I will not lie, I am pleased to hear when they say that I am handsome. We all live in a world where appearance is judged, and it plays a big role, especially in show business. I don’t think this is correct, but it is so. If an actor, then handsome, if a singer, then nothing too. So this is an advantage. It is important for me how I look on stage, but not in ordinary life. I try to be the best version of myself and I want people to think about my music, not how I look.

I think you and Ben Barnes are a bit alike …

Prince Caspian from the film "The Chronicles of Narnia", and he also starred in the series "Westworld"? Yes, yes, you are right, there is something in common. I haven't been told this before.

Have you thought about using your looks and becoming an actor or model?

Yes, there was such a thought when the videos were filmed. I consider acting seriously, it's a challenge for me, but I can't say the same about my modeling career. I like the result - a good photo, but posing is definitely not mine. It's insanely boring to just stand there and do nothing for hours.

In April, the Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, known as Avici, died … Were you friends?

Yes! We are both from Stockholm, went to the same school. And then we lived in Los Angeles opposite each other, from my window I still see Tim's house and remember him. The news of his suicide just destroyed me. He had problems for a long time … Life was difficult for him. After all, no one really understands who a DJ is and what he does, even ourselves. This is a new profession. It is very easy to evaluate someone else's work from the outside: “Well, what to do there? I came and put on a couple of tracks and went home. " When Avichi climbed to the top, became the face of Ralph Lauren, fame hit him hard. Tim did not cope with it, he started drinking … And I understand him, for me it was all strange too, especially to watch how people began to communicate with you in a different way … I respect Tim. I’m sorry that recently we talked less, rarely saw each other … But what happened to him proves one simple thought: the life of a DJ is not as glamorous and easy as it seems from the outside. Being a DJ is not only about flying private jets and performing at private parties, but also about fighting pressure, stress and constant depression. Everyone is expecting loud novelties from you, no worse than the previous singles, they are waiting for you to light up … Heavenly kingdom to him, I hope he could find peace in that world. Avici was a very nice guy! It's a pity that it happened.

How do you deal with this?

To be honest, it’s hard for me too. It happened that I wanted to give up everything. My family helps me, especially my brother. We call him several times a week. He is better than any psychologist: he advises what is best not to think about, what to do, and all that sort of thing. I couldn't have done it without him. My advice to all creative people: you must have a support, a person who understands and guides you. It is very difficult to find such a person, but without him it is impossible to exist. I was lucky, my brother knows me as flaky, he predicts my reaction to some events, knows when and what to say to me. The main salvation from depression is talking with the right person.

I understand that such questions annoy you, but when will the new album come out?

Perhaps this year. I feel that the time has come. I think I have found a new myself - it will be Alesso 3.0. I want my new album to be liked not only by people who love dance music, but also by those who are usually indifferent to it, so that their feet start to dance.

Who else would you like to collaborate with?

I don't know, I always go from the track. I select someone who would fit the song well. When a performer sings other people's words, most often he does not feel them, but I need everything to be real.

What is your advice for beginners?

Don't be afraid to be yourself and experiment. Most of the notes that they send me are carbon-copy. Everyone is trying to repeat popular tracks, but this is just not necessary to do. It is very difficult to attract attention now, so you have to look for something new.

What work examples should you send?

I don't know, but definitely not hip-hop. I have nothing against him, but this is the # 1 genre of music right now. It sounds from every iron!

Last question, I understand that Cosmopolitan is a women's magazine, but have you ever read it?

Believe it or not, I often take it at the airport, so yes, I do.

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