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Power of nature: hair clay
Power of nature: hair clay

If you love spectacular styling and constantly experiment with hairstyles, this material will be extremely useful to you! Blue, white, black, green, pink - find out why different types of cosmetic clay are useful for styling and hair care.

Power of nature: hair clay
Power of nature: hair clay

Clay is used not only as a homemade mask to nourish and restore hair, but is often used in styling products.

Cosmetic clay gives excellent results after the first application: after all, it contains nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals, which intensively "nourish" the scalp and stimulate hair follicles. As already noted, clay plays the role of an essential component in the composition of professional products. Find out what is so good about clay and how to properly use it for styling.

Hair styling clay

Mousses, gels, sprays, waxes and foams for fixing and adding volume are usually made from chemical ingredients, but sometimes natural ingredients are also found in the composition. Recently, hair care professionals have discovered a wonderful product: cosmetic clay. We are not talking about homemade or ready-made masks, but about using it as an active component of styling products.

Many are aware of the healing properties of clay, it is convenient for home use, cost effective and suitable for almost all hair types. However, another amazing property of it is the fixation of stable styling and the creation of the texture of the strands

Clay is of several types, differing mainly in color. Each type of cosmetic clay has a certain set of useful properties that are indispensable in eliminating hair problems. To find what is right for you, you need to familiarize yourself with the main types of clay that are part of beauty care products

Blue hair clay

Blue Clay is ideal for oily and normal hair that stains quickly. It has anti-inflammatory properties, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands and removes excess sebum. Hair styling products with blue clay in the composition are quite soft: they do not weigh down the strands, do not create a film effect.

White hair clay

White clay (kaolin) is suitable for normal to moderately oily hair, it protects strands from external pollution and successfully copes with the production of sebum. In addition, white clay gives hair a healthy glow and a feeling of cleanliness and freshness for a long time.

Black hair clay

Black cosmetic clay is suitable for any type of hair, it quickly adapts to external conditions. If you dream of bouncy curls or straight strands - this type of clay will help prolong the life of even the most difficult styling.

Green hair clay

Green clay has drying properties, gently cleanses and intensively nourishes the hair. Styling products with this type of clay are extremely delicate and suitable for damaged hair.


Pink hair clay

Pink clay is suitable for all types. With it, you can find both styling products for dry hair, and used for styling normal and oily hair.

Hair texturizing clay

Matting clay is suitable for styling short to medium hair, and is often used in men's grooming products, as it copes well with coarse and thick hair.

How to use texturizing clay to style your hair

  • Use styling clay only on clean, dry hair.
  • Apply the product first to the pads of your fingers, and then distribute through the hair.
  • Take a very small amount of clay so as not to weigh down the strands, otherwise you will get the opposite effect - a "dirty head".
  • For a good styling, it is very important to apply the clay evenly to all the strands.
  • Texturing clay is completely invisible on the hair, therefore it is especially respected by professionals.

Best hair clay: top styling products

  1. Matt clay from Estel.
  2. Matte clay from Londa Proffesionals.
  3. Styling dry texture touch moisturizing clay from Wella.
  4. Street style sculpting clay from Davines.
  5. Styling clay Joico style reform from Lookfantastic.

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