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Health guard: 8 very interesting facts about the cervix
Health guard: 8 very interesting facts about the cervix

You probably don't pay too much attention to the cervix - in every sense. Unlike the vagina and clitoris, she does not participate in sex, it is difficult to touch her - in general, she just silently does her job and does not remind herself of herself until she gets sick or is needed for childbirth. Most women start thinking about her when they get pregnant or are trying. In the latter case, doctors are guaranteed to tell you about all its features! But here's what you should know about the cervix.

Health guard: 8 very interesting facts about the cervix
Health guard: 8 very interesting facts about the cervix

1. It has many functions

It works even while you are reading this article! The cervix plays a critical role in protecting your health and helping your reproductive system perform at its best. It can even improve sex life: some women can have an orgasm through gentle cervical stimulation.

2. This is the "port" between the vagina and the uterus

Technically, the cervix is the lower third of the uterus that connects it to the vaginal canal. If you insert your finger into the vagina all the way, you can touch the part of the neck that comes out here. It feels a little rough and dense, like the tip of a nose, but depending on the day of the cycle, it can be greased.

3. It looks like a round button

Usually the cervix is 3-5 cm long and about 2 cm in girth. If you look at it from the side of the vagina, the cervix looks like a pink circle with a "button" in the middle.

4. This is the protection of the uterus and the transport system of the embryo

Due to the ability to change size and shape in response to changes in hormonal levels, the cervix is a kind of "acrobat" of the female body. It has two main functions. When you are not pregnant, it protects you by keeping bacteria, pool water, tampons, sex toys out of your uterus. If you decide to have a baby, it is through this channel that sperm move in search of an egg, and during pregnancy, it helps the baby stay in the uterus and not be born prematurely.

5. She can be hurt during sex

This is the case when a large penis is not the best option because it can touch the neck. If this happens, you will feel a light blow, but repeated shocks can lead to discomfort and even damage to the cervix. If you feel deep pain after sex, see your doctor.

6. She can "alert" the infection

Since the cervix, in fact, protects the uterus from the penetration of bacteria and is the first to be hit by various misfortunes, STDs and cervical cancer can be diagnosed by its characteristics. You may notice strange discharge in the middle of the cycle, the doctor will see changes in appearance, and tests will help determine changes at the cellular level.

7. She can talk about fertility

The nature of the discharge changes in response to changes in hormonal levels, and this shows at what stage of the cycle the body is, when there will be ovulation and a favorable time for conception.

8. Cervical cancer is curable

91% of women diagnosed with this cancer at an early stage survive. If he managed to spread to other organs - only 17%. The disadvantage of this type of cancer is that it does not manifest itself in any way, so it is important to undergo regular examinations and be vaccinated against HPV (human papillomavirus). Contrary to popular belief, cervical erosion has nothing to do with cancer and does not require treatment - according to medical protocols in developed countries.

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