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Ugly shoes: high sole sneakers
Ugly shoes: high sole sneakers

Warm winter is a great reason not to throw up your sneakers. Feel free to wear the most comfortable shoes: a high sole will save you from the ubiquitous slush. This material contains a selection of the most relevant models for every day, find your pair!


Sneakers with a high sole or a thickened bulky platform were once called ugly shoes by fashionistas, which means "scary shoes" in English. And this, of course, is not entirely true: fashion has always been a capricious and ephemeral phenomenon, and now it dictates its own rules, one of which obliges us to perceive ugly shoes as a kind of trend of the time. Adherents of the classics are unlikely to be delighted with such trends and the revival of street chic of the 90s era, but really stylish people who are not afraid of experiments are not intimidated by such sneakers. On the contrary, in their own way comfortable and somewhat unusual models with high soles captured the design minds, experiencing many interesting collaborations.

Women's sneakers with high soles: what and how to wear them

The days when sneakers were the preserve of sports or street style are long gone. Now sneakers can be worn with whatever your heart desires.

Here are some win-win options that are relevant this winter right here and now.

High-soled sneakers and a plush fur coat. The most Instagrammed look of this season. Firstly, it is eco-friendly, and secondly, it is really warm and as comfortable as possible. You can save tons of time on your daily workout, but still look smart casual. Under a fur coat, you can wear a cozy viscose suit or sports wide-leg pants with a sweatshirt

High platform sneakers and radical mini. Weekend option for techno lovers. If you love parties and fun looks, then this option a la rebellious schoolgirl will appeal to you! Complete your outfit with chunky printed tights, a vinyl trench coat and bulky chains

High-soled sneakers and a business suit. The most convenient everyday way to keep the long legs of office trousers from getting dirty is to wear them with high-soled sneakers. And to balance the look, you can choose a Panama hat as an accessory

High-soled sneakers and a monochrome straight-cut dress. A great alternative to a soft tracksuit for those who prefer girly outfits. We wear it with long outerwear and oversized sweaters over the dress in case of severe cold weather

High-top sneakers mom high-rise jeans. Hello from the 90s! We wear with cropped hoodies or sweaters with a high deaf collar

White high top sneakers

White sneakers are a classic, and don't be confused by the bad weather: wet wipes and water-repellent protective equipment will come to your rescue.

A life hack for those who are concerned about health: warm winter insoles for sneakers can be purchased at any shoe store.


Black high-sole sneakers

The most practical option for the winter. These sneakers will harmoniously fit into a casual look and even into an office dress code if you choose a classic model without an excess of decorative details.

Several popular and fairly practical pairs that can become the basis of a basic wardrobe

Fila Boveasorus sneakers - white pair with high soles made of genuine leather and suede, with mesh inserts. This model keeps perfectly on the leg, fixing the ankle. Decorative details - brand logo on the side of the case, on the tongue and heel. A special highlight is the interesting lacing system

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