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Less a third of the weight: how I lost 35 kilos to fit into my favorite dress
Less a third of the weight: how I lost 35 kilos to fit into my favorite dress

It can be difficult to make up your mind and change your lifestyle when your loved ones don't support you. Our heroine turned out to have an understanding groom, who also presented a subscription to the fitness club. Here is her story.

Less a third of the weight: how I lost 35 kilos to fit into my favorite dress
Less a third of the weight: how I lost 35 kilos to fit into my favorite dress

“I live in a big city, I work as a specialist in working with disabled students. After I got tired of buying more and more clothes, I decided to lose weight - and lost almost 35 kilograms.

My history

To be honest, I never thought about proper nutrition and sports. I ate a lot and did not want to stop, even when the hunger passed, because I love delicious dishes so much! When I wanted something sweet, it was not limited to a couple of sweets - I ate the whole pack, or even two.

Two years ago, my fiance and I went to an amusement park, where before the next trip I was asked to sit in a chair to see if I could fit in it. I got in, albeit with difficulty, and realized that it was time to change: next time I might not fit!

Another turning point was my love for a particular brand of dresses. I buy them every year, and in the last I did not fit! There was no limit to my disappointment.

How things have changed

The groom supported me in my decision to lose weight, and we bought subscriptions to the fitness club. They found the right program for me, and it was nice to start practicing and feel how you are getting stronger every day.

But the main thing is that I changed my diet. I used to buy mostly fast food, but now I started researching labels and buying foods that are low in sugar and fat.

I started counting calories and writing down everything I eat. This helped to stop eating food waste and delight yourself not only with tasty, but also healthy food.

What am i eating now

Breakfast: smoothie with berries and banana.

Lunch: turkey with cheese, onions and low fat dressing.

Snack: almonds, cheese, rice cakes, vegetables.

Dinner: spaghetti with chicken or beef.

My workouts

At first, I worked in the gym for no more than half an hour - then I began to choke. And the exercises were gentle. Over time, in addition to cardio, I turned on group training, started dancing and got carried away with strength exercises. Also, I try to walk 10,000 steps a day.

What helped me

First, I counted calories and weighed the portions of food. So I found out how much I eat just like that.

Secondly, I invested in my health by purchasing a gym membership. If this had not happened, I might not have got there at all.

Thirdly, I began to listen to myself, and not just eat when I want to. It helps a lot to stay within the framework.

I like what is happening with the figure and with the psychological state, so now I definitely will not go out of this way."

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