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5 beauty treatments you should never do yourself
5 beauty treatments you should never do yourself

We have written more than once about how to do this or that procedure at home and save on the salon. But these five events are an exception!

5 beauty treatments you should never do yourself
5 beauty treatments you should never do yourself

1. Don't cut your bangs

Many (and us too) are terribly annoyed that cutting bangs in the salon costs almost as much as getting a full haircut. But we conjure you: put the scissors back. Do you remember the rhyme "The leg is great at the chair, I will cut it a little"? So it will be with you. Or it will turn out crooked, and you decide to trim. And further. And here. Ouch.

2. Don't change your hair color radically

If you want to add a shade to the basic tone, tint the roots between salon procedures, or simply paint over gray hair in your natural tone - no problem, modern paints for home use are of sufficient quality and easy to use. But if you want to go from blonde to brown-haired, or even worse, from brunette to blonde … Please stop.

3. Do not use wax or thread to correct your eyebrows

For high-quality removal of excess hairs and giving the eyebrows the correct shape at home, only tweezers are suitable. When working with wax, the smallest details, the markings, the temperature, the direction for application, the speed of strip tearing are important. Chances are good that you will damage your skin. And even higher - that you will not be able to achieve symmetry, and the eyebrows will still turn out to be different. The thread is also not easy: the hand trembles because of an unexpected phone call - and the message is gone. Better and don't start.

4. Don't crush deep pimples

We all understand and we ourselves are sinful: when a black nasty acne or a small pimple with a white head appears on the face, the hands stretch on their own … And it's okay that they stretch: just disinfect the skin before and after and apply acne cream on the wound. But if the pimple is deep, if it is acne, if everything around is swollen and sore - the more you press, the wider the inflammation spreads inside the skin. This means that the pimple will continue to swell, will make neighbors for itself, and after that a pigment spot or, even worse, a scar will remain for a long time. If deep subcutaneous inflammation bothers you, go to a dermatologist.


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5. Don't use toothpaste

I mean, like a skin disinfectant. The advice “to apply a little paste on the inflamed skin areas” is alive and well and continues to spread among girls with a light hand from Gigi Hadid, but dermatologists insist: initial relief can have dire consequences. Once in the inner layers of the skin, the ingredients in the toothpaste can cause irritation of such magnitude that a pimple will seem like sheer nonsense. Depigmentation, scar formation - dermatologists have seen all this with their own eyes and beg (and we join): don't. There are also special creams for problem skin!

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