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I just want water and fruit! Why is it dangerous to eat little in the heat?
I just want water and fruit! Why is it dangerous to eat little in the heat?

In the summer, many have a sudden loss of appetite. Especially now, because of the abnormal heat. But don't be in a hurry to enjoy the fact that you eat less than usual! Such summer "fasting" is not at all beneficial for the body and can cause serious damage to it.

I just want water and fruit! Why is it dangerous to eat little in the heat?
I just want water and fruit! Why is it dangerous to eat little in the heat?

Let's start with the most important thing: you need to eat in the heat! And not only berries and fruits, which are now much more affordable (and, of course, tastier) than other products, but also more nutritious dishes.

Despite the fact that the heat reduces appetite and sometimes you don't feel like eating at all, we still need food. At least because right now, in unstable weather, the body needs special support - in the form of various nutrients. Look, don't melt: 6 ways to survive the heat without harm to your health

Let's be honest, though, not all foods are created equal for the hot season. Some eating habits need to be revisited. Thanks to this, you will have more strength. And the most diligent will succeed in losing weight:)

Sergey Mikhailovich Bershtein
Sergey Mikhailovich Bershtein

Sergey Mikhailovich Bershtein Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Work of the Revital Park Sanatorium, Associate Professor of the Department of Restorative Medicine and Rehabilitation of the International University of Restorative Medicine

So what dietary rules must be followed when the weather forecast is not happy with cool rain or at least a cloudy day?

Eliminate heavy food! In hot weather, our body always goes into energy-saving mode, so heavy food takes longer to digest. Fast food, sausage, dumplings, fatty sauces will definitely not be beneficial during this period. Rather, on the contrary, they will increase the stress on the cardiovascular system and lead to a feeling of loss of strength and energy

Replace fatty foods with dietary meats (beef, veal, rabbit), fish and seafood. Cottage cheese and eggs are also ideal sources of protein.

  • Reduce the number of fast calories! If possible, replace sweets and flour with slow-digesting carbohydrates. Eat vegetables, fruits and salads - ideally seasoned with healthy vegetable oil. Hot weather is also the best time for cold soups. Gazpacho, green borscht, okroshka … By the way, do you like mineral water or kefir more?
  • Don't forget about seasonal foods, but eat them without fanaticism! Vegetables, fruits, berries will provide your body with a large amount of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, in the summer, you can also drink vitamin and mineral complexes, but only on the recommendation of specialists.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Much more! It is in the heat that the body's need for water increases noticeably. The daily requirement can be from 1.5-2 liters, no less. It is better to completely exclude sweet soda, packaged juices and kvass. They do not quench thirst, but intensify it. If you want natural juice, it is better to dilute it with water. And also try to keep the water and drinks not too cold, as it can provoke colds even in such heat.

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Avoid tonic drinks completely. Coffee, alcohol, strong tea increase the stress on the cardiovascular system, and also contribute to dehydration

In addition, it is very important to eat exceptionally fresh food in the summer. In hot weather, food tends to deteriorate faster than usual, so the risk of food poisoning increases. You should not buy ready-made mayonnaise salads, and yesterday's homemade dishes can quickly deteriorate. Better to cook little by little and in small portions.

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The most important thing in the heat is to listen more closely to your body. Sometimes intuition is the most important and reliable clue that doesn't mind letting you something bigger and tastier:) Or vice versa. It's okay if in hot weather you want to cut back on portions, skip breakfast or dinner. The main thing is to monitor the sensations and not seek to reduce the diet on an ongoing basis.

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