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Time to get out! 6 tips to make them less visible on your face
Time to get out! 6 tips to make them less visible on your face

Pores on the face are not such an important cause for frustration. They can indeed be visible, especially on the chin or in the T-zone. But what if you still want to hide them somehow? Alas, medicine has not yet come up with ways to "wrinkle" them, how it is impossible, for example, to reduce the size of a leg. But you can, of course, make them less noticeable!

Time to get out! 6 tips to make them less visible on your face
Time to get out! 6 tips to make them less visible on your face

1. Take care of your skin

If you have had a difficult morning rise or a hard day, sometimes you just want to give up facials! But dirt and grease can clog pores and make them bigger, so it's important to cleanse your face daily with a special product (the most effective ones contain retinoids).

2. Peeling - with care

The cleansing strips can harm sensitive skin. It is worth choosing for her a delicate peeling agent or a mask with glycolic acid.

3. Protect your skin

With age, the skin becomes less elastic, which also leads to the expansion of pores. You may not be worried about this right now, but certain habits (especially smoking and strong tanning) can "age" your skin faster than necessary. So go for a UV-protected cream and remember to moisturize your face with an oil-free spray.

4. Don't pick

For many, this is the most important piece of advice. Sometimes, well, I really want to gently "improve" the skin with a fingernail, but you can achieve the opposite effect: provoke inflammation or infect. You only need to clean the pores with a special tool - or in a chair from an experienced beautician.

5. Use clay masks

They are one of the best remedies for skin with large pores. These masks have an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminate excess sebum and unclog pores. It is better to buy a ready-made product, and not to make it yourself, especially since now there are many such masks with a wide variety of clay - white, blue, black and red - sold in pharmacies. They can be applied not only to the T-zone, but also to the entire face. The clay mask should be kept for 10-15 minutes, you can make a wet compress on top so that it does not dry out.

6. Choose the right makeup

The right makeup can do most of the work for you. For example, a mineral powder foundation perfectly hides pores and removes oily sheen from the skin. You may have to go through several options, but in the end you will definitely find what works!

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