To drink or not to drink: 10 diseases due to alcohol use
To drink or not to drink: 10 diseases due to alcohol use

Some studies say that you can drink, but a little, others - that it is not worth it at all. What is the risk of drinking alcohol in the long term? Here are the most common health problems associated with drinking.

To drink or not to drink: 10 diseases due to alcohol use
To drink or not to drink: 10 diseases due to alcohol use

1. Depression

Distraction from reality with alcohol is pleasant at first. But after the body digests the alcohol, the mood may deteriorate. Over time, brain cells begin to die or malfunction, which can lead to the development of mental illness, including depression.

2. Obesity

Alcohol is a direct path to gaining extra pounds. And not because it is too high in calories (it is not), it is just that we usually do not reduce the portions of food when we drink, and we get additional calories. In addition, a snack usually comes with alcohol, which also does not affect the serving size of the dinner.

3. Loss of memory and dementia

Drinking alcohol is not only spoiling your mood. Memory lapses and cognitive problems may appear - for example, dementia (yes, it is not only senile!). A French study of 57,000 people showed that more than 60% of dementia cases are in those who drink alcohol frequently.

4. "Fatty" liver

It is the liver that processes the nutrients from what we eat and drink. If she receives too much raw material, she literally begins to overgrow with fat, storing it in her cells. Over time, this leads to alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

5. Heart attack

Even if you have no heart problems, you are at greater risk of getting a heart attack. Of course, the statistics are against those who drink a lot (more than 6 servings a day for men and 4 for women) - in this case, the risk increases by 40%. But those who don't drink much also have a higher risk. This is due to an increase in blood pressure.

6. Cardiomyopathy

Over time, the heart muscle weakens. This condition is called alcoholic cardiomyopathy: it becomes more difficult for the heart to carry oxygenated blood around the body. As a result, fatigue, breathing problems, cramps in the extremities appear, and then - the failure of internal organs.

7. Pancreatitis

It is a complex condition that leads to diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Excessive alcohol consumption is not the only problem, but the risk is increased.

8. Cancer

With frequent alcohol consumption, the risk of developing cancer of the breast, liver, and larynx increases. A study of the health of a million women found that 13% of cancer cases are directly related to alcohol.

When it breaks down, it also turns into a toxic substance - acetaldehyde. It attacks the cells of the body. In addition, alcohol creates free radicals, which oversaturated cells with oxygen and can begin to grow uncontrollably and become cancerous.

9. Pneumonia and tuberculosis

Alcohol affects the immune system, making the body more susceptible to viruses. Over time, it weakens completely, which leads to the development of pneumonia and even tuberculosis.

10. HIV

No, it cannot be picked up from alcohol. The problem is again in the immune system. So if you have many partners who do not like to use contraception, with the help of alcohol you will only increase the risk of contracting something unpleasant.

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