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Project "Girls over 60": readers - for an active lifestyle
Project "Girls over 60": readers - for an active lifestyle

Another month is behind. Losses are encouraging, because they are fat loss.

Project "Girls over 60": readers - for an active lifestyle
Project "Girls over 60": readers - for an active lifestyle

Daria Rusakova, MD, PhD, Researcher, Research Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Scientific Consultant of the Nutrition and Health Clinic.

Vika - 2 kg

“Until now, I only went to the gym on weekends: it took too long to get from work to home, leaving no room for regular evening classes. And then, by a happy coincidence, I was offered to move closer to work. I devoted a couple of days to sorting things out (why not fitness?). And then she went in search of a sports club. At first, I only went to yoga and stretching to prepare the muscles for stress and increase flexibility. Then I signed up for dancing - Latin and go-go. And also tai-bo - martial arts mixed with dances. Now there is something to do every night.

And once in the gym a girl comes up to me and says: "I saw you!" - "Where?" - "In the April Cosmo!" And then it began … Everyone crowded around me, began to ask how and what. Here it is, motivation! And one more reason not to shirk from training is a funny and very nice coach."

Doctor: Of the 2 kg lost by Vika, only 0.9 is fat, 1 kg is loss of muscle mass, the rest is water. The girl has not yet managed to get out of the over fat zone. There was a failure of the menstrual cycle. As it turned out, Vika's physical activity is uneven and irregular: either none at all, then a lot at once, the same problem is in nutrition. Therefore, now she is prohibited from strength exercises and hard fasting days, omega-3 and omega-6 are prescribed, as well as homeopathic medicines to normalize the cycle.

Masha - 3, 3 kg

“I start to like what I see in the mirror. It's so cool when you buy jeans (size 44, by the way), and after two weeks they start hanging out on you. You know how happy I was when I discovered that I had collarbones! It was just a celebration. I stopped seeing them ten years ago, I have already forgotten about them, and here is such a meeting!

They say that a person gets used to everything in 28 days. Living without sweets, fried foods and alcohol turned out to be much easier than I thought. There are times when I want something sweet, then I go to the store for dark chocolate or raisins. Daria Sergeevna chose such a diet for me that I eat almost everything. Sometimes I miss salads with mayonnaise, but this is so - minute weaknesses. Eating normally is difficult only at first, when you turn your food into a system. This stage has been passed. Now it is easy for me, and I know for sure - it will only get better!"

Doctor: Maria can be congratulated, she is rapidly moving towards victory: she moved to the "norm" zone, lost 3.3 kg, and 2.5 kg of them due to fat mass! 0.4 kg - water, 0.4 kg - muscle tissue. The waist has become more pronounced. Masha demonstrates the clearest and most correct dynamics of changes in body composition. The contours are toned, the figure looks healthy and athletic.

Polina - 2.5 kg

“This month was very difficult: the weight stood. At such moments, all motivation disappears. After consulting with Daria Sergeevna, we introduced unloading every other day.

After another unsuccessful week, I gathered my courage and went to the coach. 4 days a week for 3 hours. Everything hurts … But 2 kg are gone, and, most importantly, the metabolism has accelerated (last time it dropped to 1000 kcal / day, now - 1780). I already boldly buy things in the store in size S, but I could not learn to eat and not feel guilty about it. I had to give up the antidepressants prescribed by the doctor: my work and the writing of my diploma require maximum concentration, and the pills violate it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of people around me who are watching the project and support me. It is simply unacceptable to break down in such conditions. Advice to female readers: if you want to lose weight, trumpet about it on social networks. The fear that before and after photos will not be different is stimulating!"

Doctor: Polina demonstrates amazing results - both external and internal transformation. Weight is lost mainly due to fat mass, the percentage of fat in the body is now optimal - 26, 4%. Polina improves her body within the "norm" zone. Her metabolism has recovered, which means that training and nutrition are correct. Now she is worried only about the voluminous hips. I would advise you to exclude all power loads, leave cardio, so as not to build up, but to reduce the volume of muscle tissue in the problem area. But this is already a purely aesthetic moment. The belly is tucked up perfectly. And Polina no longer needs antidepressants.

Nastya - 0 kg

"I tried hard. Today, for example, I had a grueling workout: I'm doing an unusual kind of dance - zumba. This is a set of chaotic movements of the arms, legs, and the whole body at a very fast pace. And even if in the classroom I step aside from the group about every five minutes, there is still an effect: the muscles are in good shape, and the mood is high. Now the time has come for the most persistent work on yourself and your body, because everything that lay on the surface is gone, and old reserves remained deep in the most secluded places. My main goal this month is to do some good work on my hips.”

Doctor: Nastya finally leads an active lifestyle, regularly goes in for sports, she managed to transfer part of the fat (0.3 kg) into muscles - now she looks more slim and fit. However, the "ears" on the thighs remain. And you need to work on the buttocks - with the help of massage, wraps, squats and stretching exercises. The option "Eat less" in this case will not help: it does not save you from muscle sagging.

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