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Diet of Margarita Koroleva
Diet of Margarita Koroleva

Margarita Koroleva is a real celebrity in the world of dietetics. After all, the diet of Margarita Koroleva helped many domestic stars lose weight.

Diet of Margarita Koroleva
Diet of Margarita Koroleva

The Queen's Diet - these are 3 mono-diets, following one after the other. The diet of Margarita Koroleva for 9 days is not an easy test, but the reviews about it are encouraging. In 9 days, you can lose 6 kilograms.

The Queen's Diet: Stages

The first three days of the diet are devoted to rice. Soak up to 500 grams of rice in boiling water overnight, and eat in small portions the next day

The second stage of the Queen's diet is protein. Boiled (or steamed) chicken is allowed for all three days

The final three days are vegetable. You can eat up to 1 kilogram of raw or boiled vegetables per day.

Throughout all 9 days of the diet of Margarita Koroleva, it is supposed to drink as much liquid as possible: still mineral water or green tea.

Diet Queen: reviews

Nutritionists consider Margarita Koroleva's diet an excellent preparation of the body for a new balanced type of nutrition, a full-fledged diet with a varied menu.

But, as with any mono-diet, during the Queen's diet, the blood sugar level drops sharply and important microelements do not enter the body. Therefore, the prescribed 9 days is the maximum duration of the Queen's diet.

Tips by Margarita Koroleva:

After completing 9 dietary days, Margarita Koroleva advises to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition:

- completely abandon flour, sauces, alcohol, sugar;

- eat vegetables rich in fiber;

- eat fractionally (5-6 times a day);

- once a week arrange a fasting day on kefir.


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