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Lost weight without a diet: the story of giving up one bad habit for the sake of a goal
Lost weight without a diet: the story of giving up one bad habit for the sake of a goal

Many people have moments when we don't eat what we want … because the bar has nothing but chips and wings! Our heroine removed the unnecessary, simply by reducing alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Lost weight without a diet: the story of giving up one bad habit for the sake of a goal
Lost weight without a diet: the story of giving up one bad habit for the sake of a goal

“Like many girls, I started drinking alcohol at the institute, sometimes suffering from a hangover in the morning. Fortunately, it passed quickly, but the weight, alas, did not stand still.

My history

My friends and I played board games for drinks, we liked to have a cocktail … More precisely, five at a time. Or make your own, where, in addition to alcohol, there were plenty of carbohydrates. And all these empty calories were deposited in my abdomen.

When I woke up after such a night, I began to eat right … until the evening, and then everything was repeated again.

Yes, I went to the gym, but over time I got tired of it, and I really wanted to sleep.

How things have changed

After graduation, when the problem of alcohol rose to its full height, I went with my family on vacation. And no, I didn't drink everything there in front of my younger sister! And I decided to change bad habits for useful ones.

I started running in the morning, stopped eating sweets at night and drinking coffee in the morning for a hangover, because there was no hangover!

A week later, I realized how drastically my life had changed. Of course, for the better. And I decided not to drink anymore.

It was not easy for me. At first I tried to pass drinks on, but in some cases it was easier to drink than to explain why I refuse. Then I learned the phrase “thank you, I don’t drink”. It turned out that many understand it very well!

My workouts

With the departure of alcohol from my life, sport returned to it. I started practicing again in the morning.

Over time, I noticed how my figure was changing: I was transforming from a "skinny fat" into a toned girl with biceps (but not excessive!).

Six months after I quit drinking, the scales showed minus 8 kilograms, and the mirror showed no hanging belly.

I live in a big city that never sleeps and often go where there is alcohol. Now I automatically say the phrase that I do not drink, and no one else bothers with it.

Sometimes, every few months, to celebrate a big holiday, I can have a glass of wine or a simple cocktail without added sugar. And I always limit myself to one portion: after it it is easier to refrain from continuing than after three.

No, I do not regret that I quit drinking. Now I feel great, I do not eat everything, and I am completely satisfied with my figure. There is nothing to regret!

Why did I decide on this

I found out that alcohol affects the body in many ways.

First, you consume a lot of extra calories, both with drinks and with a snack. You make the wrong decisions about what you eat, because in a rare bar you will find vegetable snacks for drinks.

Secondly, if you go in for sports after drinking alcohol at night, the training efficiency will be lower, and the loss of important micronutrients will be greater, not to mention the strong thirst.

Third, alcohol has a bad effect on sleep, which ultimately has a terrible effect on health.

In general, for me it was the right decision, and it's hard to argue with that!"

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