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In the fight for a beautiful body: how to choose the best massage cream
In the fight for a beautiful body: how to choose the best massage cream

Massage is an aesthetic and therapeutic procedure that helps to quickly relax, relieve muscle pain, cellulite, and improve overall health. To get the maximum effect from it, you must use special massage creams. What cream is better to use for massage and what you need to know about the features of such products?

In the fight for a beautiful body: how to choose the best massage cream
In the fight for a beautiful body: how to choose the best massage cream

What is massage cream?

A massage cream is a remedy that prevents injury to the skin during the massage process. Compared to conventional vegetable oils, the massage cream does not leave any marks on the skin and clothes after applying the massage cream. In addition, it is thicker in consistency, so that it can be used more economically.

Of all the benefits of massage cream, the main one is its strong moisturizing effect on the skin. The nutritional components in its composition penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous tissues and saturate them with moisture, and then create a protective layer on the skin that does not allow its evaporation, thus, the body is healed and rejuvenated.

Which massage cream is best for the body?

  • Cosmetic. Designed to relax the body, maintain internal subcutaneous processes and improve skin condition. This cream should be used to relieve emotional and physical stress.
  • Anti-inflammatory. It is commonly used medicinally to relieve pain in the muscles of the body, improve joint mobility, and reduce swelling of inflamed skin.
  • Anti-cellulite. Has a strong warming effect on the skin. It stimulates blood circulation, as a result of which excess fluid and accumulated fats are removed from the cells. It promotes weight loss.
  • Face massage cream. Contains a large amount of nourishing ingredients that moisturize the skin of the face. Due to this, the skin is evened out (wrinkles and flaking disappear), it becomes elastic and acquires a more natural shade.

What is included in the massage cream?

  • Vitamins A, B, E replenish the deficiency of nutrients in cells and improve metabolic functions between them.
  • Extracts of chamomile, essential oils and tea tree have a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Menthol and pepper are heated by activating the blood circulation process.
  • Beeswax and algae extracts moisturize the upper and inner layers of the skin, eliminating flaking and inflammation on its surface.
  • Trace elements of aloe vera, glycerin and natural oils soothe muscle pain.

Indications and contraindications for the use of the cream


Body and face massage cream should be used for the following purposes:

  • relaxation;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • removal of edema;
  • elimination of pain in the body;
  • improving the elasticity of the skin and the condition of the face;
  • moisturizing the skin;
  • smoothing wrinkles.
  • treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, etc.


  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the skin, nails, hair;
  • headache;
  • disorders of intestinal functions;
  • phlebeurysm.

How to use massage cream correctly

  • The cream must be applied to the body before starting the massage.
  • You do not need to use the cream often during a massage session. It is enough to apply 1 to 3 times.
  • Facial massage cream should be selected depending on the type of skin.
  • Before applying anti-cellulite products to the skin, you need to steam it - take a hot shower, use a scrub for deep skin cleansing.
  • For anti-inflammatory massage, the cream should be applied only to problem areas of the skin, which must be pre-warmed with salt compresses.

Top 10 most effective warming massage products

Cream for modeling massage Slim Shape, ARAVIA

The massage cream is ideal for complete relaxation and cellulite removal. It contains a complex of natural organic oils that help break down fats and improve body contours.

It contains tea and berry extracts that deeply moisturize the skin and retain moisture inside. After several such treatments, the skin becomes softer, more elastic and smoothed in areas of cellulite accumulation.

Slim Shape Modeling Massage Cream
Slim Shape Modeling Massage Cream

Body cream-active Slim & Beauty "Urnula and cinnamon", EVSI

Another fairly good cream that has a fat burning effect. It consists of 100% natural ingredients, including cinnamon oils, which saturate the skin with many beneficial substances and trace elements. Urnula extract restores the elasticity of subcutaneous tissues, eliminates cellulite and traces of folds on the skin. Thus, the appearance of the skin is gradually improved.

Body cream-active Slim & Beauty "Urnula and cinnamon"
Body cream-active Slim & Beauty "Urnula and cinnamon"

Modeling cream for the abdomen and waist with a warming effect with tourmaline microcrystals (Tourmaline), GUAM

The cream effectively fights cellulite both at an early and late stage of its development. It contains exclusively natural substances: extracts of fruits, flowers, algae, vegetable oils - they are involved in the processes of skin cell regeneration and intense fat burning.

Also, the cream tightens the skin well. This allows you to achieve the effect of a flat belly. In practice, it has been proven that the cream is much better in reducing weight if applied frequently before massage.

Modeling cream for the abdomen and waist with a warming effect with Tourmaline microcrystals
Modeling cream for the abdomen and waist with a warming effect with Tourmaline microcrystals

Warming cream "Velinia"

The cream will help you to safely and quickly make a figure correction. Its main distinguishing feature is a quick warming effect on skin cells, from which accumulated fats are eventually removed.

With it, you can quickly prepare your muscles for exercise and get rid of accumulated fat. It is useful to use a warming massage cream every day, and also sometimes after prolonged physical exertion. In any case, the effect of its use will not keep you waiting long.

Warming cream "Velinia"
Warming cream "Velinia"

Massage cream with vitamin E "Citralgin"

The budget massage cream shows a good effect after the first application. It should be applied with massaging movements for joint diseases, back pain and muscle pain. The cream is well suited for lovers of sports and active lifestyles.

It is useful to apply it after training. This helps the body to relax faster, get rid of painful sensations and again feel a surge of strength and energy.

Massage cream with vitamin E "Citralgin"
Massage cream with vitamin E "Citralgin"

Body cream with olive oil, honey and propolis BIO SPA

The modern warming massage cream is distinguished by its budgetary cost and high quality. It is rich in many vitamins, sea minerals and oil extracts. Its main advantage is to give the skin maximum hydration and nutrition.

After repeated use of the BIO SPA cream, it has been proven that it perfectly restores the elasticity of the skin, eliminates dryness and flaking on its surface, and also gently softens it. The cream is well suited both for daily use and for massage procedures.

Body cream with olive oil
Body cream with olive oil

Fitness body anti-cellulite drainage massage cream

The cream is specially designed to massage problem areas of the body, where there is cellulite. It was created using a unique technology. The cream promotes the natural acceleration of metabolic processes and the breakdown of accumulated fats in the tissues. This not only helps to lose weight faster, but also significantly improve the condition of the skin. If the use of such a cream is combined with massage and proper nutrition, the result from its use will be amazing.

Fitness body anti-cellulite drainage massage cream
Fitness body anti-cellulite drainage massage cream

Firming body cream with kelp and spirulina Green mama

Cream from the Green mama brand is a good choice for those who need regular hydration and maintenance of skin tone. It is formulated on the basis of algae extracts, natural oils and vitamins. Together they perform the following functions: restore skin elasticity, relieve puffiness, strengthen and relax muscle tissue after tension. In the process of application, the cream pleasantly surprises with a light aroma, and also quickly makes the skin soft and moisturized to the touch.

Firming body cream with kelp and spirulina Green mama
Firming body cream with kelp and spirulina Green mama

Enough Brightening Massage Cream

The nourishing formula of the body and face massage cream has many beneficial effects on the skin: it brightens, moisturizes and soothes it from the inside. Moreover, its components do not cause allergies or any other side effects. So the cream can be safely used every day.

It absorbs well without leaving marks on the skin. For one application, it is enough to add just a few drops of liquid to the skin, and then massage it for 10 minutes. With constant use, the skin is guaranteed to be in good, well-groomed condition.

Enough Brightening Massage Cream
Enough Brightening Massage Cream

Cream with a warming effect for the abdomen and waist DUO, GUAM

This pharmacy body massage cream works best on the abdomen and waist area. Thanks to him, you can greatly facilitate the process of losing weight. It specifically removes fat deposits, removes waste products, improves blood flow and restores skin elasticity. With prolonged use, the properties of the cream give a quick result, especially when combined with massage.

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