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Are you weak? What do you know about the restoration of an old house?
Are you weak? What do you know about the restoration of an old house?

If not all, then very many residents of the metropolis dream of their own country house, but a new property may not be affordable, and building a house from scratch will cost even more. Therefore, most people prefer to buy old houses that need renovation.

Are you weak? What do you know about the restoration of an old house?
Are you weak? What do you know about the restoration of an old house?

Tamara Day is an expert in the renovation of abandoned mansions and the host of the show of the same name, Renovation in a Mansion, on HGTV Home & Garden. She finds neglected old houses, buys for a pittance and breathes new life into them, combining original design with all modern conveniences. Take note of her idea: don't get rid of all the old stuff. As practice shows: a vintage wooden clock or an armchair from the 60s can fit into almost any modern interior, their restoration is inexpensive, and the quality pleases for years.


We have prepared Top-9 tips that will clearly come in handy when remodeling your home

1. Choose an interior style

Today, with different materials and technologies becoming available, people have the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of interior design styles. Some prefer simple hi-tech or fusion, others prefer ethnic interiors, and many mix styles to create a completely individual design space. Depending on whether you are hosting crowded parties or prefer a chamber lifestyle, with little cost you can arrange your home in a harmonious and simple way. You can choose the appropriate style for your home yourself and seek help from a professional designer, but this will be a more expensive option.

2. Repaint the walls

The easiest and most inexpensive way to renovate an interior is to repaint the walls. In addition to wanting to renew your furnishings, all you need is interior paint, a primer, a roller and a protective film for furniture.

3. Combine the matching

If the budget of the planned restoration does not tolerate expensive finishing materials, look at the palette of color combinations, there are a lot of life hacks and cheat sheets on this topic on the Internet, for example, pink goes well with brown, white, mint green, olive, gray, turquoise and pale blue. But in any case, do not overload the interior with colorful accents, because peace in the house is the key to a happy life.

4. Save old furniture

Who said that old furniture is not able to fit into a modern interior? Old-fashioned furniture can be refurbished if desired. Moreover, it is quite simple to do it: you just need removable wallpaper, paint and a little inspiration. An old sofa or chest can be turned into a comfortable ottoman. To do this, it is enough to repaint it and cover it with a soft mattress or feather bed. A couple of decorative pillows - and the ottoman will take pride of place in your home.


5. Refurbish the parquet floor and stairs

In old houses, wooden parquet floors and staircases can last for decades after being restored. If the tree is in satisfactory condition, it will be much cheaper and easier to renovate it a little than to install a new staircase and re-lay the parquet.

6. Make the kitchen space ergonomic

Pay attention to the peculiarities of the placement of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen, the reliability of electrical wiring, the number and location of outlets. If the worktop with the stove is not sufficiently lit, not only the quality of the food can suffer, but also your health! Improperly organized lighting in the kitchen can quite often cause increased stress on vision, muscles of the neck and back.

7. Don't Forget Wet Areas

Baths, saunas, bathrooms and pool areas require special finishing materials. According to the product manager of Estima Natalia Balakhnina, the use of porcelain stoneware will be an excellent solution for finishing areas with high humidity. Due to its dense structure, porcelain stoneware has a very low, practically zero water absorption. In addition, the product is made from natural raw materials and is environmentally friendly, so the service life of porcelain stoneware is at least 20 years.

8. Don't get rid of the fireplace

A country house is unthinkable without a fireplace. “Bonfire in the room” - as it is also called - is arranged not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for purely utilitarian ones: the solar energy released during the burning of a tree feeds a person. As a rule, restoration of a fireplace does not require excessive costs, but family evenings by the fire are priceless.

9. Make a balcony or loggia a seating area

If you cannot imagine your rest without creativity, you can arrange your own workshop on the balcony. Equip it with a shelf or a table with drawers, where everything you need for your hobby will always be at hand. We are convinced that in such a corner, creative ideas will be generated with greater speed and productivity.

For even more ideas for the restoration of houses, old ranches and estates, watch the reality show "Repair in a Mansion" on HGTV Home & Garden on Saturdays at 19:50 (Moscow time).

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