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First time on the court: how to choose a tennis racket
First time on the court: how to choose a tennis racket

You think your idol's racket is the best choice. Nothing like this. Tennis equipment is selected individually. A detailed guide on how to choose the right tennis racket is here to help you.

First time on the court: how to choose a tennis racket
First time on the court: how to choose a tennis racket

How to choose your first tennis racket so you won't be ashamed to go out on the court. Just a few tips and you have the right racket in your hands.

How to choose a tennis racket

Basic tips before buying a racket:

  • Read racket reviews and pick the best ones.
  • Check with a coach or friends who have played tennis for a long time.
  • Don't buy a racket just because your favorite tennis player is using it.

Racket weight

The weight of the racket determines the power of the tennis instrument, as well as its stability in the hand while moving. How to choose a tennis racket for power? We answer - the heavier the sports shovel, the higher its power. In addition, heavy racquets are more stable in the hand than light ones. But how do you find the right tennis racket? There is no definite answer. The choice depends on the strength of the person.

But you can check if the racket is right for you. With a tennis racket of the correct weight, you can change positions and maneuver equally well. Fast or slow ball - with the right racket you can tackle any target without wasting energy. Lighter rackets are usually recommended for beginners as they are easier to play. But remember, tennis skill level should not dictate the weight of the racket.

Racket balance

Another important point is the balance of the racket. This criterion determines the distribution of the racket's weight. There are three types of rackets - with a neutral balance, with a balance directed to the head, and with a balance directed to the handle. For all skill levels, the pros advise choosing a racket with a head balance. A handle-balanced racket has great power, but you will quickly exhaust yourself as you play, especially your arms. There is even a professional term - tennis elbow. To reduce the risk of injury and increase maneuverability, buy tennis rackets with a neutral balance or head balance.

Racket contour stiffness

First of all, you need to understand that stiffness determines the flexibility of the string surface, and flexibility affects the force of impact. Obviously, a harder racquet flexes less, which means more power to hit. A flexible racket bends more, which reduces power.

How to choose the right tennis racket for string stiffness? Rackets of medium hardness are suitable for beginners. It is better not to buy models that are too flexible. After all, after hitting a flexible surface, it takes time to straighten up. So it is not very convenient for her to play.

A harder racquet flexes less, which means more power to hit
A harder racquet flexes less, which means more power to hit

A harder racquet flexes less, which means more power to hit.

String surface pattern

The pattern, in turn, affects the range of rotation of the racket during impact and the life of the string surface. Dense horizontal and vertical patterns are the best option for a quality tennis racket.

String surface area

The larger the head area of the racket, the higher the player's strength at the moment of impact. The main advantage of the larger size is the maximum stability of the racket when hitting, thanks to the correct weight distribution over the strings. But there is also a minus - it is more difficult to maneuver large rackets than medium and small ones. So opt for the compromise model - the medium area racquet.

The best tennis rackets for tennis

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Lite tennis racket

Such a racket is a great option for those who like maneuvers and rotations during a strike. The sports shovel is capable of generating great power and speed. Power is combined with light weight, which is especially suitable for beginners. The main advantages of a tennis racket are that it is equipped with a special system that absorbs the force of an oncoming blow. Unfortunately, many people point out that the string surface does not always withstand high power and breaks.

Tennis racket Head Liquidmetal 8 Prestrung Tennis Racquet

The weight of the racket is not felt at all during the game, and the neutral balance keeps your energy until the end of the workout. Large string area and high power are the hallmarks of the model. The racket is suitable for beginners and professional tennis players who prefer durable rackets.

Tennis racket Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racquet

The tennis racket from the renowned Wilson brand is ideal for those who step onto the court for the first time. The sports instrument lies firmly in the hand and rotates perfectly during the game. Minus - the surface vibrates a little.

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