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Traditional medicine in American style: 10 proven remedies
Traditional medicine in American style: 10 proven remedies

Everyone knows about traditional medicine, but not all means really work. This is what, for example, American doctors, who are quite trustworthy, recommend!

Traditional medicine in American style: 10 proven remedies
Traditional medicine in American style: 10 proven remedies


When your stomach hurts, ginger can help relieve nausea and relieve pain. The natural ingredients of ginger soothe not only the intestines, but also the nervous system. It can be added to food as a seasoning, chewed, or taken in capsules.

Coconut oil

People with acne often dry out their skin, which has to produce more oil. Coconut oil, after cleansing with salicylic acid, reduces inflammation and inhibits the growth of microbes.

Salty water

The throat often hurts due to viral infections that go away on their own. But if perspiration is uncomfortable, you can dilute half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and rinse several times a day. The fluid reduces inflammation and flushes out harmful microorganisms.

Brown rice

For diarrhea, it is recommended to boil it in double the amount of water and drink the resulting broth to replenish the lack of electrolytes.


Fennel seeds reduce gas production in the intestines, so it is recommended even for young children. You can buy it in the seasoning department. Adults can chew and spit seeds - half a teaspoon after meals.

Ayurvedic tea

Brew half a teaspoon of cumin, coriander and fennel in hot water, pour into a thermos and drink throughout the day. Aids digestion, promotes good sleep, and reduces the appearance of anxiety.


An excellent remedy for immunity! Cut or squeeze out a few cloves, leave in the air for a couple of minutes, and the harmful bacteria will die. Thanks to allicin for that. When heated, this component stops working, so you should add garlic to hot garlic right before serving.

Butterbur (whipped up)

This herb has proven to be effective as a beta blocker for migraines and is even recommended by the American Academy of Neurology! It is also useful as an antihistamine for allergic rhinitis.

Whole milk

Excellent remedy for sunburn. Contains proteins to help the skin regenerate faster and lactic acid to moisturize.

Ice mask

With increased anxiety and during a panic attack, you can press something cold to your eyes for 30 seconds: ice wrapped in a cloth or even a jar of yogurt. Cold shock will help you return to reality and turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, which will reduce the heart rate and help restore breathing.

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