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Lose weight by half: how I lost 65 kilograms and do not hope to return them
Lose weight by half: how I lost 65 kilograms and do not hope to return them

Losing weight certainly requires willpower. But where can I get it? Our heroine did not lose weight on the first try, and confidence in her abilities and the ability to set small goals helped her.

Lose weight by half: how I lost 65 kilograms and do not hope to return them
Lose weight by half: how I lost 65 kilograms and do not hope to return them

“I am 35 years old, I work as a programmer in a hospital. Several years ago I underwent an operation to suture my stomach, but this was not enough. This is how I lost 65 kilograms.

My history

Weight problems have followed me all my life. When I got married and gave birth to three children in five years, I had no time to think about how to lose weight between pregnancies.

Then I tried various weight loss programs, but haphazardly and usually stopped fighting before I got any result. I continued to eat everything and even left the house in the summer in jeans and a shapeless T-shirt.

Over time, the weight began to spoil my health, my blood pressure began to rise, and I had to take medications.

The starting point for the change was when my middle three-year-old son told me that I was fat. Nobody drew attention to this before, although, of course, I understood everything. He didn't want to hurt my feelings, but I looked at myself through his eyes - and decided to change.

I started counting calories and keeping track of my diet, so I lost 25 kilograms, and then decided to undergo surgery. In the first year after it, I dropped 30 kilos…. and then dialed them back. I had to lose weight again. This swing lasted for several years, after which I decided to count the nutrients (macros), and I finally managed to lose weight without further weight gain.

What am i eating now

Breakfast: oatmeal with almond or skim milk, berries and half a banana.

Lunch: beef or chicken with vegetable salad.

Snacks: Chocolate protein shake, rice cakes, cheese.

Dinner: meat or fish with vegetables and sauce.

My workouts

I started out small - rode a bicycle and walk on an elliptical trainer. Then they found the right strength training program for me, and I didn't even notice how I got involved!

Now I do 4-5 times a week, and I also became interested in boxing and dancing. Most of the workouts are at home: it’s impossible to find a reason not to do it.

What helped me

First, I learned to enjoy small changes and set achievable goals. For example, I stopped drinking soda and replaced it with coffee and sweetener, but sometimes I still allow myself to drink a can of cola. This makes it easier for me to tolerate changes in diet and lifestyle.

Secondly, I stopped buying food that contains a lot of calories and that you can eat endlessly: chips, candy, chocolate. After a couple of months, I stopped being drawn to them, and now I can safely buy them, not being afraid to eat several packs at once.

Thirdly, I learned to love myself regardless of my success in losing weight or other areas of my life. I have lost 65 kilograms and I am sure that I will not gain them back, because now I perceive life in a completely different way."

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