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Do I need to have a business education to run my business successfully?
Do I need to have a business education to run my business successfully?

Let's figure out if you need an MBA to start your own business, and what are the alternatives for entrepreneurs.

Do I need to have a business education to run my business successfully?
Do I need to have a business education to run my business successfully?

When you say business education, do you immediately think of an MBA? Not bad, but not a fact that this is really what you need. MBA, Master of Business Administration, is a program for those who want to gain in-depth knowledge of business management. The MBA standard includes 14 disciplines from finance to personnel management, and most of the students are top managers of corporations and founders of large and complex companies.

Of course, there are also small business owners among the students, but given that MBA is not a cheap pleasure, not every entrepreneur can afford such an investment. Obtaining an MBA is prestigious, but for you personally - at least for now - it can be unprofitable. And it is probably much more effective to acquire knowledge "pointwise". That is, if there is a real request from your business and with the ability to immediately apply the information in practice.

This can be done by educational programs designed specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs. MBM. MOS (State Budgetary Institution "Small Business of Moscow", subordinate to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow) have such. The MBM. MOS project gives entrepreneurs a good basis for starting: it helps to quickly draw up documents for starting a business, understand the intricacies of the tax regime and the legal form of business, find like-minded people and get real help not only in word, but also in deed. These are the options MBM. MOS offers to those who start their own business.


MBM Online Academy

The online program consists of 28 courses and 138 video lessons, which will allow you to pump individual skills and, in detail and, what is important, in practice, by well-known Russian entrepreneurs to understand niche issues. Knowledge is collected in convenient blocks depending on your level and helps at every stage of the business to find out exactly what is needed right now, and not what “will come in handy one day”. Education is free. Online academy page.

MBM startup school

Free full-time courses that take place at two MBM. MOS sites in Moscow - at the Tekhnograd Educational Complex on Prospekt Mira, as well as at the VAO Business Services Center. The recruitment is carried out every week, and the stream lasts five days. The teachers are expert practitioners. They immerse students in the basics of developing a business plan, building a financial model, defining their target audience, “packaging” the product, and the legal aspects required at the start.

“For me, MBM Startup School was a preparation for starting a business,” says Olga Akusba, owner of the online store loveyouflowers and a graduate of MBM Startup School. - We studied only what was needed for practice, learned about the current support measures from the city. Personally, it was important for me to understand how the city can help in the beginning, as well as to develop a viable business model. Soon after the completion of the project, I opened an online flower shop and do not plan to stop there. So I think the training was a very effective step for me."

Manage to sign up for the next stream of the nearest start on the Startup School page.


Practical seminars and lectures

During the month, several dozen free events are held on MBM. MOS platforms, which help entrepreneurs find answers to specific and sometimes quite specific questions: from "How to establish online sales and get the site to bring customers?" to “How to deal with accounting if you don’t understand it”. The list of events is regularly updated on this page. Here are some notable ones for early December:

  • December 4: “How to organize the delivery of goods to Russia. Step by step plan "

Business accelerators

An accelerator is a special intensive program with the participation of a personal mentor (tracker). There are now three business accelerators in the city, each of which is dedicated to a specific area of business - social business, service sector and restaurant business. You can follow the start of new acceleration programs and their selection on this page.

In order not to rack your brains over which of the events and programs will be more useful to you now than others, create your own individual trajectory of development. This is a special tool on the MBM. MOS website. You answer the questionnaire, the system determines your strong and weak entrepreneurial qualities and builds a personal development plan, including all educational events, distance learning courses and useful articles of the project. You just have to go to your personal account more often, accept recommendations and receive "achievements" in the form of accumulated progress points for each seminar attended or lecture listened to.

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