Made in History: 15 Trendy Instagram Accounts with Most Popular Stories
Made in History: 15 Trendy Instagram Accounts with Most Popular Stories

Instagram Stories feature turns a year in August. During this time, the audience managed to get hooked on photos and videos from famous fashion houses and the most popular models in real time. The Instagram rankings with the most viewed Stories arrived just in time!

Made in History: 15 Trendy Instagram Accounts with Most Popular Stories
Made in History: 15 Trendy Instagram Accounts with Most Popular Stories

Model Emily Ratajkowski tops the list.

Blogger Chiara Ferragni took the second place in views of Instagram-Stories.

Candice Swanepoel, one of the Victoria's Secret angels, closes the top three.

She is followed by Alec Baldwin's niece and the Jenner sisters' best friend, model Hailey Baldwin.

The rebel Cara Delevingne in this list got the fifth place. The British model (and more recently also an actress) attracts a lot of attention, despite the fact that her Instagram account has many more social appeals and funny photos from life than carefully photoshopped photos of Kara herself. And there are no photos of the fifth point in a bikini, unlike all the previous figures in the rating.

Her colleague Adriana Lima managed to take the sixth place in the ranking - and this is the end of the incessant series of models.

The designer and former “peppercorn” Victoria Beckham managed to dilute this company - most likely, it was not without the influence of the unprecedented popularity of her husband and children on Instagram.

The Model Troopers are quickly returning to the top of the list, though, with recently married Miranda Kerr in eighth place.

But the street style star, top model Gigi Hadid managed to take only ninth place.


Victoria Beckham and other stars who had a lavish wedding

Although it was in 1999, Vera Wong's dress for Victoria Beckham is still considered one of the most beautiful dresses in the world. Victoria herself believes that time has no power over the dress, and she still keeps it in her wardrobe. She hopes that one day her daughter Harper will want to wear it to her wedding.

In the rating of the most popular fashion Instagram accounts, there was a place for only 4 brands … And the most popular of them turned out to be the French fashion house Dior, which took tenth place.

Behind him are the Italians Dolce & Gabbana.

The honor of the Kardashian-Jenner clan was defended by model Kendall Jenner, who took twelfth place.

Brazilian Gisele Bundchen belongs to a completely different generation of supermodels, but she has as many fans as her younger colleagues. Confirmation of this is the thirteenth place in the ranking.

Another French fashion house that burst into the rankings and recently made a splash with its Supreme collaboration, Louis Vuitton is number fourteen.

Well, the top 15 is closed by the cult shoe brand Christian Louboutin.

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