Fast plastic: how to change your appearance in 15 minutes without the intervention of a surgeon
Fast plastic: how to change your appearance in 15 minutes without the intervention of a surgeon

Surely you watched films where a plastic surgeon quickly and masterly changed the appearance of the heroine beyond recognition. That's why he is a plastic surgeon, you say … But believe me, in the arsenal of a cosmetologist there are also methods that allow you to achieve a noticeable correction of facial features. Not beyond recognition, of course, but still!

Fast plastic: how to change your appearance in 15 minutes without the intervention of a surgeon
Fast plastic: how to change your appearance in 15 minutes without the intervention of a surgeon
Anastasia Sharova
Anastasia Sharova

Anastasia Sharova injection techniques trainer, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist of the clinic of aesthetic medicine "Premium Aesthetics"

If you want to look not just fresher, younger, more well-groomed, but in a different way, then you will have to work with the shape of your face and nose, the volume of your cheekbones and lips. When might you need it? First of all, if, due to the peculiarities of the structure of your skull, your face looks disproportionate. There are two ways out here - either to love what is given by nature, or to correct it a little and love it even more.

Now “to fix it” - no one says that after such a correction you will look like Masha from the first entrance. You are you, there is a twist in your face. The task of the doctor is to make your face more harmonious without losing your individuality. In cosmetology, there is one technique that allows you to quickly change your appearance - contouring. This is the introduction of a filler based on hyaluronic acid into certain areas of the face. Such injections allow you to work with facial volumes, due to which the perception of appearance changes. What features can be corrected with contour plastics?


As you know, the cheeks "go away" with age. And you can also lose a lot in volume in this area during weight loss. It happens that in the zygomatic zone there is simply not enough bone volume, which also does not add beauty. The filler in this case will make the cheekbones more pronounced by replacing the amount of tissue that is not enough in this area of the face.

Chin and lower jaw angle

If an increase in cheekbones has become a familiar procedure for many, then few know that fillers can correct the lower third of the face. Meanwhile, by adjusting the shape of the chin or the angle of the lower jaw, you can significantly change your appearance. With the help of fillers, you can get a sharper or rounder chin, as well as raise the angle of the lower jaw, making the face shape more graceful and sophisticated.

Forehead and nose

Changes in these zones can be achieved not with the help of additional volume, but through the play of light and shadow. The stock of fabric here is small, so, for example, the forehead cannot be made taller. But due to the filler, you can change the curvature of the surface so that visually the forehead will look smooth and sloping, without pronounced brow ridges and frontal tubercles. Changing the shape of the nose with fillers is also possible. This work is delicate and precious. A minimum amount of the drug is injected into this zone, with the help of which the nasal dorsum is "laid out". The filler makes the back look thinner and the nose straight.


The classic area of the face for correction with fillers. Actually, this is not surprising. After all, lips are one of the most erotic areas of the body. Their fullness, moisture content, color largely depends on estrogen. Men, albeit unconsciously, read information about the level of female sex hormones literally on their lips. In women of the Slavic type, the lips are mostly not too voluminous, they have little adipose tissue. Fillers allow you to correct this feature, making your lips more sexy and inviting. It is important to note that if your lips are very thin, it will take several procedures to fill them with volume.

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