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How to avoid winter depression?
How to avoid winter depression?

Advice on the topic "How to get rid of winter depression" from year to year is given in gigabytes … And sadness does not recede. Maybe we understand something wrong in these wise recommendations? So let's figure it out.

How to avoid winter depression?
How to avoid winter depression?

Vitamin C

  • Everyone says: vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and immunostimulant: the more it is, the easier it is to live.
  • A banal solution: tangerines, oranges are the most New Year's fruits, eat - I don't want to.
  • But: citrus fruits are in the top among allergens, besides, they seem to protect from free radicals better than from melancholy.
  • Alternative:

    Throw in: collect a couple of tangerine nets and organize the capture of the snow fortress with children, friends and dogs. Instead of snowballs - fruits (for greater softness, you can pre-peel). Fun with snowy buildings in the fresh air is efficient in itself, and if you can throw food at the same time, there will be enough positiveness until spring!

    Hang it on the tree, of course, just don't forget to change it as you naturally age.

    Give: attach holiday bows to the fruit (since the peel allows it) and give gifts to neighbors, passers-by, colleagues. It is irrelevant, but the mood creates one or two - both for you and for those around you. You don't have to wait for the holiday: in December, few people are surprised by the congratulations.

One more thing about vitamin C: it slows down aging - which in itself pleases


  • Everyone says: depression comes from a lack of serotonin, and a lack of serotonin comes from a lack of light.
  • A banal decision: go to South America or Australia - it's summer there. In extreme cases, it is more powerful to screw in lamps in the apartment and not turn them off until spring.
  • But: time, money, acclimatization.
  • Alternative:

    Botanical and winter gardens - a special microclimate and lighting are necessary for tropical plants. You enter - and you breathe in the most real summer. And as much light as you want, and minimum financial costs.

    Sex in the dark - you can, of course, light all the lamps and under their light try to cultivate the hormone of happiness in yourself - until the very moment you receive your electricity bill. Or you can rejoice in the darkness that has come and organize at least dinner, even blind sex. Take advantage of the moment: in the summer, darkening a room for this purpose will take a lot more resourcefulness. And from orgasm there are even more endorphins than from the sun!

  • More about serotonin: if you shine a flashlight in a blonde's ears, her eyes will light up. Naive Finns, exhausted by the dark winter, seem to have taken the Russian joke seriously and came up with a gadget that literally shines into the brain with the help of headphone bulbs, relieving you of the winter depression.


  • Everyone says carbohydrates are a source of endorphins. Especially chocolates!
  • A banal solution: do not deny yourself anything. Especially in chocolates!
  • But: carbohydrates not only add weight, but also skin problems.
  • Alternative:

    Food show - organize a gastronomic party where guests will share recipes from different holiday countries: serve under a slideshow with summer photographs, serve with a wish for a bon appetite in the language of the dish's inventors. The purpose of winter zhora is not to fill your stomach, but to cheer you up.

    Sports - any physical activity contributes to the production of hormones of joy. Solid pluses: you will lose weight, and you will cheer up, and your craving for sweets will decrease by itself, because hormones will return to normal even without chocolates.

  • More about carbohydrates: if you still want chocolate, choose the one with red pepper - you won't eat much of this dessert, and you don't need to: pepper will significantly increase the amount of endorphins produced by the body, and at the same time accelerate metabolism.

The best on the internet

There are so many good tips on the World Wide Web that winter depression has no chance!

  • About love

    Tip: "Fall in love"

    Brush your teeth, eat an orange and fall in love. Good advice, sorry, the technique has not been developed.

  • About sex

    Advice: "Take a bath with aromatic oils, the right smells are a strong aphrodisiac."

    To enhance the effect, immerse a man in the bath. Either he will immediately have sex with you, or he will feel the "burning sensation" that the instruction warns about, and will start running screaming along the walls. Either way, you'll cheer up.

    Advice: “Talk to your husband about renewing your intimate life. Remember the phones of old friends and meet with them."

    The advice given in this sequence is intriguing to say the least. But husbands are usually conservative when it comes to combining intimate life and old friends.

  • About fashion

    Tip: "Dress in white!"

    Maskhalat is a proven winter thing: fell on the snow, pretended to be rags and sleep until spring.

  • About life

    Advice: “Arrange a winter holiday! After all, only in winter you can make a snowman and lick icicles."

    You can also lick a metal swing. And it will definitely not be up to depression.

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