Test: do you know everything about tanning?
Test: do you know everything about tanning?

We have no doubt that Cosmo-girl is aware of the rules of sun protection, but we still want to re-test your knowledge on this important topic. Perhaps you need to learn a couple of topics, or maybe you yourself know a lot of things that the Cosmo editors don't know about?

Test: do you know everything about tanning?
Test: do you know everything about tanning?

    What procedure do dermatologists advise to use in case of a burn in the first place?

    • Take a cold shower
    • Apply a kefir or sour cream mask to the skin
    • Lubricate the body with vegetable or butter

    How long is it allowed to be in the open sun if you already have tanned skin?

    • If the skin is already tanned and used to sunburn, you need to smear with cream and spend any amount of time in the sun
    • No more than 30 minutes
    • 1-1.5 hours

    What products will help you keep your tan for a long time?

    • Carrots are our everything
    • Self-tanning and bronzing products
    • Moisturizers

    What level of protection is recommended if you are spending the summer in the city?

    • In this case, no protective equipment is needed.
    • Means with protection 20-30 SPF
    • Means with protection 5-10 SPF

    What are the benefits of the sun's rays?

    • They are able to strengthen bones and muscles
    • Helps with colds and skin diseases
    • Sunbathing is a purely aesthetic value

Give yourself 10 points if you chose 1 answer option in questions 1 and 5; if you chose option 2 in question 4 and option 3 in questions 2 and 3. Give yourself 5 points if you chose 1 answer in 3 questions; if you chose option 2 in 1, 2, 5 questions and option 3 in question 4. The rest of the answers are worth 0 points.

From 30 to 50 points It looks like you were an excellent student at school, that's why you collected all the points in our test! We can only admire such a reader and set her up as an example to others.

15 to 25 points You are tidy while on vacation, but you don't always have the patience. Do not hide, sometimes you get burned and, perhaps, do not always attach great importance to it. However, products with protective factors are a must-have of the summer, regardless of whether you are at sea or in the city.

From 0 to 10 points We advise you to consolidate your knowledge on the topic with the help of our training articles on tanning. After all, sunbathing is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a real danger to your skin and the body as a whole.

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