Lose weight in 17 days: a healthy diet for everyone
Lose weight in 17 days: a healthy diet for everyone

Dr. Rafael Moreno, a nutritionist, has developed his diet: light, safe for the body and incredibly effective. The most important thing is that you can easily maintain the achieved weight!

Lose weight in 17 days: a healthy diet for everyone!
Lose weight in 17 days: a healthy diet for everyone!

Let's immediately reveal the main secret: every 17 days your diet will fundamentally change so that the body does not have time to adapt to the proposed diet plan, and the weight does not "get stuck" at the same mark.

The challenge is not only to start the process of losing weight, but to rebuild your metabolism so that you can stay slim all your life! You have to go through 4 cycles, but after completing the first you will lose more than 5 kilograms!

Cycle number 1: Get rid of extra pounds

The first 17 days of the diet are likely to be difficult: the calorie content of the diet is up to 1200 kcal, the basis of the menu is low-fat protein products (lean meat, fish, dairy products), non-starchy vegetables and very few (about 100 g per day) fruits. And that's not all: Dr. Moreno considers it necessary to supplement the diet with 17 minutes of fitness a day. What exactly to do is not so important, but we recommend that you practice according to the Hollywood program of Jim Barsen: it was he who "sculpted" the bodies of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie. You will lose weight quickly! In order not to harm the body, take vitamins A, C and E throughout the entire cycle, this is important!

Cycle # 2: Boost Your Metabolism

The goal for the next 17 days of the diet is to rock your metabolism (which will likely slow down by the end of the first cycle) and protect yourself from the plateau effect when you're struggling and your weight stays in place. Dr. Moreno prescribes every day or two to vary the calorie content of the diet, then increasing it to 1500 kcal, then returning to 1200 kcal.

Why will this strategy work? Such fluctuations can deceive the body and prevent it from adapting to a new diet, therefore, you can get good results in weight loss. But even so, the calorie consumption must exceed the amount consumed. Another innovation in this diet cycle is that we include fruits and berries in the menu. Don't forget about vegetables rich in fiber: they will improve intestinal motility.


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Cycle number 3: New diet

At this stage, complex carbohydrates appear on the menu - cereals and whole grains (mandatory for breakfast and lunch), and the calorie content of the diet rises to 1400 kcal.

Thus, you will replenish the norm of B vitamins, and your diet will become completely complete: it will contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, but accelerated metabolism will not allow excess weight to form.

Cycle 4: Repetition is the mother of learning

The principles of nutrition at this stage coincide with the rules of the previous one, with the only difference that the calorie content of the menu rises to 1500 kcal. In addition, desserts with simple carbohydrates are allowed twice a week. To adhere to this cycle, according to the precepts of Dr. Moreno, you need as much as you want to remain slim.

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