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Something Scary is Coming: The Creepiest Halloween Events
Something Scary is Coming: The Creepiest Halloween Events

Do you remember that the night is dark and full of horrors? And this night in particular. We decided to add some fuel to the fire and tell you about the blood-curdling incidents that happened on the eve of Halloween.

Disappearing from the cradle


On October 31, 1977, the one-year-old Nima Louise Carter disappeared right from her cradle. All windows and doors of the house were closed. Most likely, the kidnapper hid in the closet for many hours. A month later, the baby's body was found in the refrigerator of an abandoned house.

Only then did the parents find out that their daughter's nanny Jackie Rubido, "a little strange" but, according to the father of the family, very caring, is awaiting trial regarding the abduction of two three-year-old twins. Rubido looked after Mary and Augustine Carpritcher. One day, she took them for a walk, took them to an abandoned house and locked the girls in an old refrigerator, assuring the frightened sisters that she would return soon and bring them ice cream.

Two days later, Mary died of suffocation, and Augustine was freed. Local children heard crying and screams for help and reported to the police. Augustine emphatically called Rubido her captor, but without sufficient evidence, they could not detain her.

It took three years before Rubido was brought to trial. Despite the same handwriting, the police found no reason to blame Rubido for the murder of Nima Louise.

Rubido died a few years later in prison.

Murder of a student


Yishihiro Hatori was an exchange student from Japan in 1992. He spent only two months in the USA and really wanted to make friends. He was on his way to a Halloween party hosted by other Japanese students. Hatori donned a white tuxedo like the John Travolta character in Saturday Night Fever. He went to the party with a friend of his, who was wearing a medicated neck collar due to a recent injury and donned a lot of ropes and belts as part of his costume.

Hatori and a friend made a mistake that cost one of them his life: they confused the house. A butcher and his wife lived next door to the party. Comrade Hatori began to ring the doorbell, butcher's wife Bonnie opened the door, she was surprised and frightened by unexpected guests. Especially when Hatori suddenly emerged from the car. It is not known exactly what made her panic so, but the woman called her husband Rodney, and he went out into the yard with a pistol.

Hatori walked towards their house, repeating that they had come to "celebrate." Rodney shouted several times to make Hatori stand still, but he didn’t speak English well enough to understand what was being said, and because he hadn’t put on his lenses, he didn’t think the butcher was holding a real weapon. Then Rodney fired. A bullet pierced a lung, and the Japanese died a few minutes later in an ambulance. Rodney was found not guilty, local authorities acknowledged that he acted within the framework of his rights. This court decision caused deep public outrage.

“I saw a man who got out of the car and was moving very quickly towards me. I shouted to him: "Freeze!", But he continued to move very jerky in my direction. I again demanded to stop, but again he did not obey, he just started laughing. I was scared, I felt that he was a threat. I am so sorry that this happened".

Although Rodney was not charged, he lost his job and home and lived in a trailer park for a long time.

Does your blood run cold? Still would! Well, like this…

The disappearance of a Korean woman


Another student with Asian roots, Hyun Jong Sun, who was called Cindy by friends, studied at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2001, Cindy, dressed as a Playboy bunny, went to a Halloween costume party. She celebrated with friends until two in the morning, and at four in the morning, her friends dropped her off at the door of the house. Since then, no one else has seen Cindy.

The search of the apartment showed no signs of fighting or intrusion. The police found false eyelashes, a backpack and a mobile phone that Cindy had at the party. But the purse was never found.

Nothing said that Cindy was going to go somewhere: tickets for a Britney Spears concert for the next date were found in her apartment. Friends claim that Cindy was not depressed and did not think about suicide. According to one version, Cindy went to a 24-hour supermarket near her home and was kidnapped on the way. According to another, someone familiar came to her, took her out of the house and kidnapped or killed her.

In 2003, police linked Cindy's disappearance to a bank robber and serial killer named Hugo Selenski. Selenski's accomplice told police that several years ago they kidnapped and killed a student whose description resembled Cindy. But at the burial site of the victims of the killer, Cindy's body was not found.

Do you think Selenski is to blame? Of course he is! No, this is something else …

Murder prediction


In 1981, a couple was killed in a Manhattan home - they were severely beaten and then shot in the head. It looked as if the attacker had organized everything more like an execution rather than an ordinary robbery. The police were convinced that drugs were involved, but suddenly their informant from the prison told investigators a strange story.

The prisoner was serving time with the famous serial killer David Berkowitz. The informant told the servants of the law such details of the murder, which he simply could not know about. When the police asked how he got this information, the man admitted that a few weeks before the incident, the murder of the couple was described in great detail by Berkowitz, who also could not leave the prison. The police have never been able to prove the serial killer's involvement in this case, and it has not yet been solved.

How did he know? Arranged from prison Someone told

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